Administration Makes Tepid Move To “End Birth Citizenship”

The Trump administration is said to be intending to review short term visa applications and seeking to deny entry to those entities who appear to be engaged in “birth tourism.” More

Of course, we could just declare that if your parents are non-citizens and they have a child in this country then that child must go through the normal immigration and naturalization process to become a citizen. You know, like every other nation. – Dr. Tar


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  1. Unfortunately Canada also grants this policy which makes any immigration policy a joke. Having said that there are some limitations on when the citizenship can be used. For example if the parents are not citizens they and the child are removed from the country (assuming there are no close relatives that are legally in Canada that could take the child in) and the child can make a decision about his/her citizenship upon reaching 18. When reaching 18 the child can then begin to haul in all the relatives The policy is still an antiquated leftover from the days of steamships and railways and no idea of air travel.

  2. There’s absolutely no reason for this law to still stand.
    From what I can gather, the only reason that this law came to be was so that children born of the freed slaves after the civil war would be considered citizens.

  3. We don’t need to go disallowing pregnant women to give birth in the U.S.

    What we need is an executive order, validated by a Supreme Court ruling, that does away with the ridiculous notion of anchor babies. No one born on U.S. soil without at least one parent who is a permanent resident (preferably citizen) should be considered to be an American citizen.


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