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ADP Payroll Report For May Suggests Job Cuts Ending and Optimistic for Rebound


Economic analysts had forecast another month of job losses around 9 million; however, the ADP payroll report shows a much better result with 2.76 million jobs lost in May. The surprising difference between expectations and results is giving increased hope a quicker rebound may be possible.

The ADP results were so much better than expected that White House economic advisor Kevin Hassett said he has to check the data twice.  The data was released while Hassett was in the middle of an interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business.

The key is getting rid of these nonsensical shut-down rules.  As the lack of social distancing concern amid the protests has shown, the shut-down fears, rules and regulations are over-hyped and baseless. However, the blue state governors continue to fight economic re-engagement as they look to maximize negative economic impact for political gains. more

7 Comments on ADP Payroll Report For May Suggests Job Cuts Ending and Optimistic for Rebound

  1. Things are not going to go back to the way they were.

    Not even close to it, not ever.

    It can’t be allowed.

    Bad times are just getting started, there is much more planned for us in the future.

  2. Anonymous, I am not quite as pessimistic as you are. Things will get better but it will be the American people making things better and not any help from the govt., media, academia etc. and all the liberal pinheads who think they know better than us. I have faith in God and the American people to do the right thing and very little if any faith in what the elites think or do.

  3. ” I have faith in God and the American people …. ”

    The American people have abandoned God, to the extent of actually outlawing worshiping him in Church.

    And very highly in evidence on the TV and in movies, in case you haven’t noticed, where he is constantly affronted and mocked with their programming that people flock to.

    Even the Church ignores his word and substitutes their own doctrine in its place.

    God doesn’t rescue the unrighteous, particularly the deliberately unrighteous, he lets them destroy themselves with their own decadence and decay.

    IMO, I don’t speak for either God or the American people.

  4. I want the rioters and the big liberal cities to destroy each other.

    As long as either of them survive, the rest of us are doomed.

  5. The clergy of mainline churches and a lot of Catholic churches may have abandoned God but the people haven’t for the most part. Mainline Protestant churches died with the Progressive movement of 100 years ago with the Social Gospel which is equivalent to all the social justice warrior bs now. There are still lots of good churches, the ones that actually preach the word of God and are not full of programs that only fill church seats until the next church fad comes along. And don’t even get me started on phonies like Joel Osteen and his Prosperity gospel crap. I was in a good church for nearly 30 years that helped save my life but when we forgot about God or thought we were God because of all the good things we were doing for God or that we were the best because of all of our annointed programs we ended up fracturing in 2004 and it was probably the best thing that could have happened since my trust is in God and not a man leading a church with a so called annointed vision. We literally thought that our shit didn’t stink and got knocked down a few pegs into humility and repentance. I am better for it and really don’t like organized religion anymore, my trust is in God and not what a whited sepulcer religion teaches which is what most of the clergy are now, Pharisees and hypocrites.

  6. geoff the aardvark, you are absolutely correct. I learned to not put my faith in man early in life. The church I grew up in had a pastor who was just an empty suit. He was charismatic and people loved him until they saw through his mask. I left as soon as I could and found another church. Every church I’ve attended has had flawed pastors and leadership. There will never be anyone that will be perfect because we are all flawed.

    There will never be a pastor, politician, sports figure, actor, first responder, newsman or friend who will not, as some time, disappoint. I can’t even trust myself sometimes. All we can do is to trust God to lead us to the church or fellowship where he wants us to be. He is the only one I trust.

    Now, to the point of this post – I just got my May statement from my retirement account. I’m almost back up to the amount I had before the ChinaVirus shutdown. THAT makes me optimistic for a rebound … because it is already happening.

    That, and I just found out my favorite small town diner will open soon. * Happy dance *

  7. Of course there is a rebound; that is why the left started the riots, to knock us back down. Before Corona, President Trump had the blacks working; now they have no place to work, because the “protesters “ burned it all down. Rebuild? That will employ the illegals.

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