Adverbs are sexually harassing women!!!

Or something… I don’t know.

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Feminist Freshman: The Word ‘Too’ has Ravaged WomenLong Enough

It’s mass hysteria! Dogs and cats living together! It’s adverbs run amok!

University of Vermont freshman Cameron Schaeffer has had an “epiphany” regarding a three-letter adverb: the word “too” is degrading to women and should no longer be a part of anyone’s vocabulary.

“I have determined that ‘too’ means you’re calling a woman too far away from your idyllic vision of what a woman should be,” Schaeffer writes for The Huffington Post. “I view myself as a well-versed feminist, but I never realized how deeply a three-letter adverb could cut.”

How deep? This deep:

MORE. Way too much more.

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  1. The girl is too dumb to be in college which makes her the perfect candidate for college! Especially if she is able to borrow huge amounts of money from the government to give to the college mafia!

  2. She writes, “This realization really struck me when I figured out that I’ve never been satisfied with myself.”

    Well let me suggest that you go #%*~ yourself!

  3. I totally agree w/ her,
    Adverbs have been oppressing me for a long time too- I mean ‘as well’
    But that is a pastel patch on the horror of conjunctive adverbs.
    Those bastards will come right at you.
    And don’t get me started on pronoun bias,

  4. just another unattractive female crying about not being asked to the prom and made fun of by the cheerleaders in high school, right?

  5. OMG can we just stop now. Is she saying she has never described a guy as “too short” or “too fat,” or even worse said that their man bits are “too long” or “too short.” You can’t tell me that that wouldn’t cut even deeper into a guy’s self esteem than complaining about a gal’s hairstyle which can be easily altered. This is all really too much already.

  6. So, in the following sentence, which part of speech is too “micro-aggressive”?

    “You have a degree in women’s studies, but you can’t make a decent sandwich or wash a load of laundry.”

    I’ve diagrammed it twice, and nothing jumps out at me.

  7. Is it because the two O’s look like boobs? Do they feel the same way about boo, coo, doo, moo, poo, woo and zoo?

  8. “this”, sure. But “this shit”, as in the relentless attacks from Progressivism, no it won’t go away. It will have to be killed.

  9. Let me briefly fisk this too too ignorant FemiNazi’s rant:

    “I, like most women, have been deprived of self-satisfaction . . ”
    Here, let me put a fresh set of batteries in your dildo (while wearing gloves). Now, go satisfy yourself. ‘Cause you aren’t going to attract any real MEN with that attitude.

    “she would like to see a time when there is a more “egalitarian” society.”
    Here let me pitch in and buy you a one-way ticket to Russia. Or China. Or maybe North Korea. Your choice.

    “Schaeffer believes it’s too (sorry) difficult to please everyone with the variety of taste in women’s beauty and has given up in frustration: “And why is it our responsibility to satisfy them, anyway?”
    Here, take these Birth Control pills. Promise me that you’ll never have children.

    “My internal opinion is always that I’m too this or too that.”
    Well, if I can hear you, see you, or read anything from you, you’re TOO CLOSE. Now go away. FAAAAAR away.

  10. I get a kick out of feminists who over analyze certain words and phrases and pretend to be outraged by people (almost always men) who use them for supposedly nefarious purposes. Here is a rule of thumb – men don’t think that deeply, if at all, about the language they use. If a woman’s hair is too short, a man means that the woman’s hair is too short – nothing more, nothing less. There is no hidden social commentary, no covert agenda, no subtle attempt at mind control – to men, this type of statement means “hair too short, please wear it longer.”

  11. “You have a degree in women’s studies, but you can’t make yourself a decent sandwich or wash a load of your own laundry.”


  12. I really don’t give too shits what words upset you.

    Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.

  13. I think that the left is making way too much out of nothing as usual. And besides IOTW Reports is the too coolest conservative website on the internet. hands down. Adverbs rule, without them none of us would be too anything, we’d be all the same just plain old this or that with nothing to describe us, no one would be too tall, or too short, or too fat or too skinny, or too smart or too stupid or too pretty or too ugly etc. etc. I’d be willing to bet there are far too many more conservatives out there (which is a good thing) than there are far too many opinionated progtards out there. More than one opinionated progtard is one too many with all their too foolish rules for everyone else but themselves.

  14. I advise laughing heartily and pointing if ever confronted with this BS.

    Engaging or in raging back only validates this crap.

    Maybe say something like:
    “That is just too funny, thanks for the laugh”.

  15. I’m more offended by the word “but”. Especially when used by a libtard. As in – “I’m for the first amendment, but” or “I’m for the second amendment, but” etc. Very offensive.

  16. Too stupid.
    Too ridiculous.
    Too whiny.
    Too foolish.
    Too ignorant.
    Too neurotic.
    Too self-centered.
    Too much time on her hands.
    Too lazy too find real work.
    Too worthless too live in a real world.

    Take your too feet and your too hands and shove em up your too orifices between your too legs if there’s any room left over from your too large head with your too ugly hair.

    Or Eat Shit and Die you worthless whiny snotbag.

  17. Getting this crunt not to reproduce isn’t enough to suit me.

    Where’s Dr. Kerr or Kian when you really need him?

  18. Well, it is undeniably true that I weigh too much, but I can lose weight by eating carrots and exercising.

    She, on the other hand, can’t grow a brain.

  19. So in other words, no one can be TOO anything. We must all be the SAME.

    Tell that to the exotic dancers who, for their job, have breast implants that are too large. Is she advocating more unemployment? Sure sounds like it.

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