Advice For Attending a Gay Wedding

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So glad black people did this video. It explains the lack of backlash. It’s pretty damn funny.

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  1. That line cracked me up too…also

    and this is coming from a guy who won’t allow gay songs at a wedding.

  2. In this day and age the public is so open about sexual issues of all kinds, but as a kid, and I think lots of people can relate, that we all knew of a say, an uncle who would always show up at a family function, with a “friend.” The uncle and or friend had sometimes rather effeminate ways, but we never ascribed a sexual component to it but you kind of sensed that something was just a little off about their relationship. Grown-ups would gossip about it and most certainly would stop talking when you walked into the room.

    Or there was that uncle that while it was never said, your parents never allowed you to be in a room alone with him or they kept real close watch over you if he was around.

    We celebrate the “fabulousness” of it all now. May how times have changed.

  3. I used to enjoy Key and Peele but I don’t watch them anymore. They constantly make fun of Republicans/Conservatives but it’s hands-off the Democrats/Liberals. In addition when the do an Obama sketch he’s always shown as cool and sharp. With so much material you would think that at least a few jabs would make it through however the duo is completely in the tank for the Dems/Libs. It’s too bad because if they went after both groups I suspect that their audience would rocket up. I know, I guess I’ve become just too thin skinned.

  4. Take away point:
    if you MUST attend a gay ‘wedding’, remember to bring Skittles to throw during/at the ceremony.

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