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  1. For two whole years I tried to adopt a kitten from the local shelter and every time I was told (in the spring), “Oh, kitten ‘season’ isn’t until late summer.” In late summer I would call and was told, “Oh ‘kitten’ season isn’t until April.” On and on it went! In the meantime I’d see local PSAs for cat spay/neuter and how we were overrun with cats and kittens and how bad it was not to spay or neuter you cat. Never did get a kitten from the shelter.

  2. The last time I needed a mouse’r I went up one of the local farms and knocked on the door of a very tired trailer where an over inflated young woman lived. After I explained my needs, she let me in to a home of first degree squalor. It was wall to wall cats, cats on every table, chair, couch and flat surface. I counted roughly 19. She let me take my pick and she couldn’t tell me a name. I ended up naming it fuzzball. It didn’t like the ride home in the car, but it settled in quickly after a hot meal. I never asked for its history and it has never asked for mine that I know of. It seems quite fussy most of the time, so it must be a democrat.

  3. When I was stationed in England back in 1975, We lived in a quaint little village called Kings Cliffe. My wife wanted a cat for company so the milk delivery woman helped us find a kitten as she knew lots of people. We named her Peanut because apparently, Bugger is not appropriate in England as we found out. Peanut eventually became pregnant and had a litter. The landlady asked us one day when we were going to drown them. I asked why we would do that. She said that we’d never find homes for the kittens. We did, in about a week. All American military families from the base I was at.

  4. AbigailAdams, I saw on FB one day a local volunteer shelter had a Great Pyrenees that they said had been a guardian dog with sheep and goats, but the owner became ill and sold the farm. So they were looking for a farm for the dog.
    I call them up and tell them I have livestock and guardian dogs. They tell me I must pay them $25 to fill out an application, then after reviewing the application if they find my home is possibly a good fit, then they will set up a home inspection to make sure I have a fenced in yard, adequate dwelling size to keep a dog this large inside. Then if I’m approved, I will have to sign an adoption contract and the total cost of adoption is $400, but the $25 application will be applied, so $375 would be due. They explained a little that was in the contract, I would agree to on site visits without appointment, feed the dog the recommended food, provide them with yearly vaccination records and regular vet well checks among other things.
    I told her never mind they said the dog was a guardian dog, my dogs live with their livestock, because that is their purpose to protect the livestock they guard. She told me they do not allow dogs to be adopted if they will not be inside pets and a part of the family. I told her they might want to quit advertising the dog as a guardian dog then.

    At that time they had not posted a picture of the dog, later they did and the dog was a golden retriever, it was one of the lighter golden retrievers, but clearly a golden retriever and not a Great Pyrenees. When people pointed that out to them, they then deleted the post and made a new one that said nothing about it being a livestock guardian or the owner selling the farm. Obviously they just made up a story because someone thought it looked like a Pyrenees and yes I later discovered the two women running the shelter are demoncrats.

  5. i posted a meme i saw about fresh road kill and a sign that had an arrow pointing towards it that said FREE CAT.

    dont know why people were pissed.

  6. Our small farm town was having their annual Labor Day Parade and a young boy and girl walk up to us with a box that says “Free Kittens”, there were 6 adorable kittens inside…..we had 2 cats and told them no thanks. Less than 10 min later they came back by with an empty box, they were excellent saleskids!!

  7. Charlie WalksonWater ….not as funny as when someone posts a meme pointing at your casket saying “free fertilizer.”

  8. Anyone who has had a cat as a roommate knows that cats like to be in control of their environment. Cats like the activities of their human to be predictable and routine. Have you been working more? Spending more time away from home? Or even, oddly enough, spending more time at home? This change in your routine can be unsettling for your cat.

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