African-American Woman Declares “My Body Is A Confederate Monument”

Caroline Randall Williams in a the June 26, 2020 NTY opinion piece

I have rape-colored skin. My light-brown-blackness is a living testament to the rules, the practices, the causes of the Old South.

If there are those who want to remember the legacy of the Confederacy, if they want monuments, well, then, my body is a monument. My skin is a monument. Here

The opinionated Williams penned a follow up on July 3rd for the NYT replying to her fellow self haters.

When the Times published my essay, “You Want a Confederate Monument? My Body Is a Confederate Monument,” I hoped that it would open, or even change, some minds.

I have always known there were and are thoughtful Americans from every corner and every color, but I have been staggered by their willingness to speak out on behalf of and to engage with the ideas of a stranger. What I have seen in the response is that there are Americans who are ready to be on the right side of history and fight for it. They understand that acknowledging the hard truths of history is part of that movement. Here

My Translavanian ancestry would like a word with your Southern  ancestry to talk about centuries of Turkish domination and decades of communist rule. But you don’t see me or members of the Romanian community crying about how our peasant ancestors were treated. And don’t even get me started on my Scot / Irish / Welsh side of the family.

Things have been tough all over in the past, sister, but in America, my people had a chance to better themselves and took it. – Dr. Tar

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  1. “I have rape-colored skin.”

    “I have Democrat rape-colored skin.”

    There. Fixed it for ya Tootsie Bootsie. 🥳

  2. Another NYT ‘writer’ who is the captain of her own fan club.
    What a goofy bitch.
    Her body is a monument?
    Well then, take her out, kids! lol.
    Look, if we go by her ridiculous premise, then EVERYONE in this country is a confederate monument.

    “Rape-colored skin”? lol. Wow. So melodramatic.
    I guess every man in prison has the same rapable skintone, huh?

    Do they actually pay people at the NYT?

  3. Today’s democRATs only talk to Black people once every four years.
    Historically, they were usually lynching them!
    Count yer blessings lady!

  4. Funny thing is that if you’re a really black skinned black you long for a light skin tone. Black men and black women (of all tones) prefer and pursue light skin men/women over black skinned ones. There is active racism within the black community practiced by the light skinned toward the black skinned in all aspects of life. I’ve had the misfortune of being trapped on a crowed subway and being forced to listen to two black (light skinned) teenagers voice the most foul descriptions (including the N-word a lot) of fellow students because they are black skinned and ascribing characteristics to them based solely on their skin color. Sad but not surprising. Maybe the author should take the subway sometime when school is letting out.

  5. Where do I send a squadron of pigeons with dysentery your way to Christen that monument of yours, sweet pea?

  6. scr_north- Truth! Yet, I got the reverse of that.
    My DNA tells me I’m 45% black and 55% white. According to the makeup companies, I am red/orange undertones, somewhere in the tan /medium tan color range.

    Back in my youth, I had a particular ‘dark brown’ black friend in Jr. high school who would chat with me in class like we knew each other from birth- but one day I walked to the next class in a different direction and I saw her roaming the halls with her ‘dark brown’ friends, I didn’t exist. Not even a wave hello.

    So the next day at school, she sits down next to me and I am laser focused on her eyeballs like- “What the fuck, bitch?”
    She explained that she was sorry she did that but her ‘black friends’ don’t like me.
    I asked why.
    She said, ‘because you’re light-skinned.’
    I’m like— that’s it?
    she said yeah. And she wasn’t that crazy about a couple of them.
    I said, well that’s a dumb reason and they can go fuck themselves.
    And then I wasn’t so chatty with my ‘friend’ anymore after that.
    Because it seemed to me it was more important to be one of the Sistahs than to have an actual friend.

    Anyway, so in MY case, most of the drama came from the ‘dark brown’ people.
    Life is too fucking short to waste so much energy into putting yourself in a box with people of your own exact color. Hating people for their ‘shade’ is such a waste of time.

  7. To Caroline Randall Williams – No one with one iota of intelligence gives two shits about the color of your skin. In fact go fuck yourself you whining, racist, America hating, self loathing perpetual victim who has no doubt cashed in on the color of your skin. Piss up a rope you worthless slag.

  8. Nobody would like the Democrats plans for the future, so they focus their time on trying changing the past.

    “Hating people for their ‘shade’ is such a waste of time.”
    Hatred like acid, does more damage to the vessel, than that which it is poured.

  9. MJ – I went to high school with a girl who was half black/half Korean. Sweet girl, got along with everyone and had no issues that I knew of. She tagged along with some of the asian kids, but you could tell they didn’t completely accept her, but they did include her in banter, their table during lunch, activities, etc.

    Now, the darker black kids wanted nothing to do with her. It was sort of painful to watch her interact with them and then the group would pull away and she would be by herself.

    Her closest social group was the light skin black girls which also seemed to have been shunned by the darker cohorts. I saw it from a distance and it had to have been somewhat painful for her in high school, with all the cliques and whatnot.

  10. I pride in my ‘rape-colored skin’, which gets more bronze as I till the soil in my summer garden.

    The NYT should mandate History tutorials for their writers, so they don’t come off as tragic/comic DOPES.
    (Particularly re those beautiful raven-haired Irish girls.)

  11. She should rejoice in that “light-brown-blackness” because with each shade of “whiteness” she is less likely to get sickle-cell.
    Hell, they can now genetically make someone MORE WHITE using a gene editing process called CRISPR to fight sickle-cell.

  12. You are not a monument to anything you self absorbed jackass. However,you are monumentally stupid.

  13. Chuckie- Yeah, it sucks. It happens sometimes. And it’s not just skin, I saw it happen with red heads! People are just simple assholes sometimes, especially when they’re young. The young tend to clique anyway. I saw it with the sports people, with the pot heads, the people who were michael jackson fans, lol! But the key is not to cast doubt on yourself because you have X colored skin. I never did because I didn’t give a shit about color, I didn’t approach other people thinking of myself as half black half white, and I hung around people who didn’t either.

    So, I think the attitude of needing to hang around same skin being essential to life is horseshit. Because some black people assume that if they hang around other blacks, they will never ever find sorrow or disappointment, they will never suffer pain, always be happy, and birds will be tweeting and butterflies will be buttering… FFS. Grow the fuck up and learn to stand on your own!

    Tough for a child to understand? Maybe. But everybody needs to figure that shit out asap. And hopefully, mom and dad will explain it, too.

  14. MJA — You had your DNA tested? Was it to determine if you had caucasian ancestry?

    I’m sorry you were betrayed in that way. It’s my opinion that junior high aged girls are the most savage on the planet.

    If it’s any consolation at all, your ‘friend’ would have ditched you for a hundred other reasons if that one hadn’t been convenient. That’s just who she was — and probably still is. I had a similar ‘friend’ in Jr. High who pretended not to know me whenever she was with her six figure (parents) gal pal, Mean Girls. And like skin color, the girl had nothing to crow about, because her so-called net worth came from her parents.

    I’ve never seen a group of people more able to swiftly size up, categorize, winnow, select, and stratify a random group of Jr. High girls faster than Jr. High girls! lol!

    Geoff C. sez the boys just went out back and had a fist fight. Then they were all friends. It’s true.

    I’ve always been intrigued by blacks’ discrimination based on shades of black, but it’s a topic I’ve never felt comfortable raising. Like you, the whole thing seemed to me to be utterly idiotic.

    Haters gotta find something to hate about.

  15. “My Body Is A Confederate Monument”
    So where do you live? I’ll be right over to pull you down just like the other Burn Loot Murder have done to other Confederate statues and monuments

  16. Drama Queen.

    If all of America can be blamed for the sins of the Democrat party then all BLM can be blamed for any Black guy who rapes a white woman. Eye for an eye ya’ll. Is that too complicated to sort out?

    Inhumanity towards fellow people is, unfortunately, part of the human experience. I don’t mean to downplay sins of the past but we can’t change the past. Learn and move on. What’s going on now is revenge and a repeat of past sins by new players. Nothing learned and nothing gained.

  17. @MJA; if it isn’t too personal about what year did that event take place? The reason I ask is I wonder whether the whole Black Pride/Black Panther movements were growing and that for a time the blacker you were the better it was even to the detriment of light skinned blacks. All I can tell you is over the years I’ve seen time and time again what seems to be a selection preference for light skinned black people. I’m sorry you had to endure the loss of a friend in a most nasty way. In smaller a way I guess it’s kind of like conservatives today being cut off by people we thought that, while liberals, they were still friends.

  18. AbigailAdams- You know, it didn’t bother me for my sake as much as it bothered me for my friend’s sake. I felt sorry for her, actually, for being weak minded. And the reason I didn’t interact with her as much after that was because she had to learn she couldn’t count on me to accept what she did for the reason she did.

    My sister sent me a test kit for my birthday just for kicks. She and her husband had already done theirs. It’s funny how just because you’re siblings you assume you are made up exactly the same way, or very similar.
    My sister’s and my results are similar, but there’s a 10 to 15% difference in the European portion. She takes more from my dad’s results and I take more from my mom’s. (our mom is white, our dad is black, well, 90% black, as we’ve found out. lol.) It’s very interesting, I think. And it explains why my hair is so annoying. 🤣

  19. scr_north – thanks. But really, I didn’t dwell over it then so much and I only bring it up now of this idiot nyt chick made me remember it.
    This happened in maybe… 1982 or 83ish.

  20. Remember, the NYT was embarassed by Tom Cotton’s editorial so much and fired their editor for not meeting their standards.

    But this qualifies?

    Her rape colored skin is overpowered by her dick flavored breath.

  21. …I think she just said it because she hoping to get some Antifa boys to tear her up…

  22. Some people get upset with the word “negro”. I mentioned that word in a post once because the conversation was about the 1960’s riots, when the headlines were “Negros Riot in Detroit”, etc. I was trying to capture the feel and image of the 1960’s. But some negro got upset and accused me of being racist.

    But, “nigger” is OK with some of them. I heard it said between a young male and a female on public transit, so I know it happens.

  23. @MJA — Yeah, I get it. It’s a real disappointment when someone you thought was or could be a friend, demonstrates how feeble their spine really is — usually it’s someone who talks a good game, too. lol!

    We had some very close friends, a couple, who were always trying to bait us (knowing we’re conservatives). We let it slide off just because we thought they really loved us. At least that’s what they were always saying, anyway.

    Then one night, when the husband was, as he later sheepishly put it, “in his cups” (meaning he’d had too much to drink), he accused Geoff C. of being racist.

    Now, this was coming from an old white guy who for months and months kept defending young black girls having multiple babies out of wedlock because, according to him, “they are looking for someone to love them.” Uh huh. Too many levels of bigotry and stupid to unpack. And it would have been a total waste of time trying to walk him through it.

    Anyway, that was the last straw. We never actually said anything to him/them. We just stopped inviting them over and I guess the feeling was moochal, ’cause we’ve never heard from them after that, either.

    And btw, our daughter is a dark-skinned person of another ancestry. She doesn’t look a thing like us, racists that we are. lol!


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