African Migrant Faked ‘Racist’ Attack By Stabbing Himself

Breitbart Europe: A Senegalese migrant living in Italy who claimed to have been the victim of a racist attack has now confessed he lied about the entire affair, saying he stabbed himself.

The incident took place last summer when the 27-year-old Senegalese man arrived in hospital in critical condition with a deep cut to his throat, claiming that two men on the streets of the city of Sulmona had made racist insults before attacking him with a knife, Il Giornale reports.

The migrant told the emergency workers that he had been approached by the two men after leaving the migrant reception centre he had been living in and after attempting to slit his throat said “we’ll teach you how to live.”
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9 Comments on African Migrant Faked ‘Racist’ Attack By Stabbing Himself

  1. …do us a favor, go a few feet lower next time, stab first, deep as you can, then pull sideways, it’s more racist that way, or something, try it, you’ll see.

    …oh, and feel free to practice on some of your Senegalese countrymen. It’s WAY more racist that way, and if they DIE, you WIN…

  2. Now he’s made it tougher for any other Senegalese in Italy to stab themselves!
    “The Senegal who Cried Woof!”
    So sad.

    If you don’t let the rats in, you don’t have to worry about them – stabbed or otherwise.

    Disclaimer: We had a Senegal parrot (she died) – beautiful bird.

    izlamo delenda est …


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