After Boris Johnson’s Big Win, Scotland Primed to Leave United Kingdom


The fallout from the Conservative Party’s massive win in the British elections continues. It’s washed ashore in America, as the far left is fearful that the results do not bode well for the eventual Democratic candidate against Donald Trump.

But of more immediate concern to the British is what is happening in Scotland as a result of the election. The separatist Scottish National Party destroyed the Conservatives as the Tories now hold only one seat. This has emboldened the SNP to prepare to call for a second referendum on independence.

The first referendum in 2014 was fairly close with those voting against independence winning 55-45. But the Scots are strong supporters of the EU, voting 62-38 to Remain. And with Brexit now assured by Johnson’s election and the SNP in such a strong position politically, it’s an open question whether Boris Johnson will be the last prime minister of a truly “United” Kingdom. read more

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  1. Well … bye …

    Scotland’s an albatross hung around the neck of England and if they (finally) want to be on their own, they should be.
    My guess is that they get more than they give, so there may be some problems ahead.

    But self-determination is a “right,” isn’t it?
    (Wilson’s Fourteen Points, or something)
    (except for former colonies, the Confederacy, California, Kurdistan, Crimea, &c.)

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. We were in Scotland right before the first independence vote and we talked to people on both sides of the issue- they’ve been enjoying a significant part of their budget courtesy of England forever-there’s no way they can continue their current level of government without it- they see the EU as the savior who will give them their own country and bankroll them too. Who knows, maybe they can restore a Stuart to the throw as well-

  3. Conservatives usually want to run their own lives and be responsible for themselves and Leftists usually want someone else -usually some kind of collective- to run them so they don’t have to be responsible for it.

    That’s why the two sides are divided against each other, makes no difference whether the issue is as encompassing as Brexit or something small and local in the town council, that division will make itself known.

  4. Scotland wants to be free of England but then return to the EU? Sean Connery is all for it, from what I have read.

    I don’t see any freedom in that, but whatever they want to do won’t affect me personally.

  5. I would suggest that the last one out of the EU turn off the lights, but the lights will probably go off on their own.

  6. “If Brexit is so hard to achieve, then why would anyone willingly get involved in that in the first place?”

    Roach Motel.

    Greedy, grasping, socialist parasites can’t help themselves – keep promising free shit and all the maggots get in line – Somewhere Over the Rainbow on the Big Rock Candy Mountain.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Better revive old Hadrian and get him back to building on the wall.
    Scotland will be the new dumping ground for African migrants and ‘reformed’ terrorists

  8. I am truly surprised by Scotland reacting this way. They have a proud history of independence, innovation, and economic awareness. For them the conservative way is common sense. Perhaps they just want their freedom back from the UK. I can’t blame them for that.

  9. My sister and I visited both Ireland and Scotland in 2017 (both sets of grandparents had emigrated to Canada in the early 20th century). Beautiful countries, but definitely NOT impressed with the people. So glad that the grandparents left!

  10. make scotland Venezuela ! the ” Scottish anti English ,racist , socialist and nationalist party ” do not speak for Scotland as they found out in the 2014 independence referendum . they are the worst in the uk for the NHS , education , alcohol and drug abuse, welfare scroungers , and there economy

  11. note only the british parliament can grant another Scottish referendum , now held with an 80 seat majority by the conservative and ” unionist party ” all this snp free Scotland crap is a cover for how bad they have run scotland !

  12. I get that the Scots (and Northern Ireland) have long seethed about being under English control.

    It’s hard to understand why either would want to be part of the E.U. were they to gain independence from Britain. Emotional anti-England where they’ve forgot why? and/or unable to be economically viable on their own?

  13. I don’t see why this is a problem. Let them go, hell, kick them out. Getting rid of a lib cancer would be great for England.

    Who would object to getting rid of California? Other than dirty demmies.

  14. @ed December 15, 2019 at 10:07 am

    > they are the worst in the uk for the NHS , education , alcohol and drug abuse, welfare scroungers , and there economy

    The Scots gave the world haggis! They deserve you work for them. For. Ever.

  15. It’s time for Scotland to go. The next referendum should not allow any government or outside money to be used for either choice and that should guarantee win for the Scotland exit side.
    As it is Scottish MP’s are mostly left wing, enjoy more voting power then their English counterparts and benefit from the English Treasury.

    The funny thing is that the head of the SNP (Scottish National Party) keeps telling her followers the entry into the EU would be a slamdunk when the head of the EU already told them last time it would be a long, hard process for them to get entry by themselves because what the EU wanted was England and that Scotland (or Wales for that matter) on their own wasn’t that attractive.

    If the Scottish people feel that strongly that they would be better off on their own then they should be given the chance. England must negotiate the separation hard because they need to remember that Scotland would, in effect be a separate country now and England’s first responsibility is to it’s own people.

  16. @Anon

    From my visit to the UK in the 1970’s, I vote for Scotland to have the worst teeth in the British Empire/Commonwealth.

    Then, while standing on a street corner minding my own business in Glasgow, three thugs knocked me over. Feeling outmanned, I didn’t retaliate. But I forgive. No good to blame an entire country, or whatever Scotland is, for what 3 low-life Glaswegians did so long ago.

  17. Scotland is like Quebec in that they both want independence. But should either one get it, it would not take long for them to say “You mean we don’t still get money from you?”

  18. do the Scots really believe they’ll get a better handout from the EU than England?… “Aye” … Ireland sez, ‘Stand in line, pal!”

    today, the kilts are now worn by the women … in both countries

    a note to William Wallace: your balls were sacrificed for this?

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