After Comedy Central complains, Avi Yemini gets deported from US by the FBI

Avi Yemini is the guy who exposed Jim Jeffries, on hidden camera,  for deceptive editing of his interview on Comedy Central ,
So that Yemini would appear racist.

We covered the story HERE.



TR: On April 11 2019 at 6:30am, Avi Yemini and Sydney Watson were detained at LAX International Airport in Los Angeles California.

Border Protection agents and the FBI were waiting for Yemini and Watson after their passports had been scanned at customs. Yemini was told details relating to his visa needed to be updated and Watson was told her dual Australian and American passports needed to be checked.

Yemini was taken to a room where two FBI agents were waiting to interrogate him and Watson was taken to an area where her bags were searched, she was questioned by border patrol agents and her passports were taken from her.

The FBI were investigating several complaints made by Comedy Central about Yemini and Watson’s plans in the United States.

Comedy Central and comedian Jim Jefferies produced dishonest media about Yemini, prompting Watson and Yemini’s visit to the United States to investigate further.

Border said that they’d looked up both Yemini and Watson’s journalism online, before they began a line of questioning with FBI agents about the pair’s plans to see Jim Jefferies, Comedy Central and if they were going to be inciting any violence towards them.

The FBI went through several of Yemini’s social media posts that were supplied to them by Comedy Central, citing they were threats of violence. One was an image that U.K.-based media company Politicalite used in an article about Yemini and Watson’s tour. The image showed Yemini as an Israeli Defence Force (IDF) soldier holding a firearm.

The FBI asked about Yemini’s training in the IDF and if he intended to acquire firearms or weapons when he saw Jim Jefferies.  MORE


I’ve shared  Sydney Watson videos here before, so she may look familiar.
Here she is, in her own words, explaining what happened to her when she was detained by the FBI.


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  1. It appears lady justice has removed her blindfold and is pressing her fingers on the scale. Time to clean out the FBI and CBP from top to bottom. Hire/ rehire only after extreme vetting. This is ridiculous.

  2. ….tell me again what “Comedy” means in liberalese? It appears to have a COMPLETELY different meaning to them than it does in Webster’s…

  3. A simple complaint? Then I complain about every commie, muzzie and grifter trying to enter my country. . . fat lot of good that did.

  4. guess I must have learned ‘fore comedy’
    they ain’t funny, and there is nothing comedic about these things

  5. This is CNN doxxing bloggers and tweeters who criticize them.

    This is different than Motel 6 working with ICE how exactly?

  6. Well it appears that the FBI besides working for George Soros also works part-time for Comedy Central. I really hope this gets to Barr and that the Australian Government lodges a complaint. By the way, once you get a deportation from the States (whatever the reason) doesn’t that make it incredibly difficult to get back in? Did Avi withdraw his application to enter or was he deported?

  7. Boston Bombers/warning from Russia intel ignored, San Bernardino “fiancee”/allowed in country having lied about Paki citizenship, Omar Mateen/father FBI/CIA connection, on watch list for 2 yrs, Las Vegas shooter/unsolved, Muslim terrorist sect, father radical imam in NY, founded commune in NM desert w/dead child buried on property……Paul Manafort/Roger Stone, raided by SWAT commandoes.

    I get tired of hearing how the “rank and file” are fine upstanding LEO.
    CIA/FBI/DOJ are the home grown terrorists, no lone wolves are they.

  8. @forcibly deranged April 15, 2019 at 1:07 pm

    > Someone PLEASE tell me again WHY I should trust ANY fed agency at first “blush”!

    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

    — Upton Sinclair


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