After Destroying Brick and Mortar Stores Amazon Set To Build Brick and Mortar Stores

Amazon May Expand Grocery Delivery With Convenience Stores


Amazon will continue to expand its brick and mortar presence with a new line of convenience stores, according to a report on Tuesday from The Wall Street Journal.

The stores will be available for subscribers of Amazon’s online grocery delivery and ordering service, Amazon Fresh. Amazon originally launched grocery delivery in 2007, starting in Seattle, but has been slow to expand the service.

Amazon Fresh used to cost $299 annually but the terms of membership were changed last week to include $15 monthly fee on top of the $99 Amazon charges for its marquis subscription service, Amazon Prime. Currently, Amazon Fresh is available in California, New Jersey, New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, and Washington, among other cities.


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  1. So are Indians goning to run these Amazon convenience stores? Gotta have a slight Indian accent, at least. I’m not joking.

  2. like the Japanese making little 2200lb shit box cars in the 1970s then rolling out V8 Lexus and Infinity in the 90s

  3. Well you got to admitt that’s Freaken brilliant. I love browsing in book stores. Next week I’m going to learn how to read.

  4. The hamburger & fries fast food places drove all the mom n pop restaurants, that had longer menus, out business. Then the fast food places expanded their menus to include soups, salads, and other items. With the result that they can now longer deliver food fast. Amazon is following the same path.

  5. I’ve had several email dealings with the nitwits behind the scenes at amazon and I can only tell you that it surprises me that they can even manage to get a package from point A to point B.
    They never shipped one item on an order that included several items, so I complained about it. And no fck’n body understands English. They assumed the entire order was lost, even after I explained it to them. So I asked if there was somebody I could talk to who understands English.
    Long story short: They refunded the entire order. So I told these idiots that I already received the other items, just not that one item. No Comprendo. WTF? These people are butt-stupid. I got the entire order for free! And I told them I only wanted a refund for the one item that never shipped. Several times, I told them.
    I still haven’t spent the money that’s left on the card. I’m holding it as an ace in the hole in case they try to screw me again. They sent me an email telling me to keep the money. Unbelievable how this company works, and they still make billions every day.

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