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After feds wrongfully seize $115,000 from North Carolina family

Their business is left devastated.


RedAlertPolitics: Like other victims of civil seizure before them, North Carolina residents Tom and Marla Bednar have suffered irreparable damage to their financial stability since the federal government seized $115,000 from them last year.

The Bednars, who operated a precious metal business in Raleigh, are about to finally receive their money back after months of litigation. But, they told the News & Observer, they can never reclaim their business reputation after suffering such an unexpected loss.

In August of 2014, Tom Bednar was halted by an unmarked police car and arrested. His wife was arrested separately, and their children detained.

They were questioned and accused of operating without a license, while officers ransacked their home for eight hours. They left it in a “state of shambles” and “destroyed a lot of our property,” Bednar said in an interview. 

Then one evening in September, they received a chilling call from bank officials. Their bank account had been cleared out.
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14 Comments on After feds wrongfully seize $115,000 from North Carolina family

  1. And they don’t understand why any honest American would want to hide their money
    in an overseas account. Has to be for tax evasion purposes, right?

  2. Somebody tell me again how the cops are all lookin out for us?

    Why is there no personal or professional responsibility in this country?

  3. I never keep large sums of money in the bank. I bought a house in the country that I have a family member living in. They don’t know it but there is a huge walk in Mosler vault under neath the garage. I keep my money there. Never trust a bank ever.

  4. Ah, yes. Part of their situation was the withdrawal of large sums.

    I can take out a 10k loan at interest but if I take out 10k of my own cash, I’m reported and investigated.

    Got it.

  5. My 5 Canadian quarters are buried in the back yard – in a small, non-metallic cannister.

    I put a little yellow plastic flag over the place so’s I wouldn’t forget.

  6. You do know that there are now IRS reporting requirements that make it mandatory to list all foreign accounts don’t you? There’s literally no more “hiding”. Once the government knows where you’ve it, it doesn’t matter, they can seize it.

    Now it you were to open an account in a Level lll country such as Nevis, they will not succumb to US pressure to reveal account holders.

    I read recently that the Swiss are rethinking their decision to buckle under to US pressure and with the new Chinese bank offering wire transfer capability outside of the SWIFT system, other countries might change their policies as well.

  7. Well at least they still have a nice couch.

    Seriously though, I’m assuming these people didn’t vote for 0bama – which would have granted them immunity from government overstepping.

    All of my money is safely invested in yard sale items.

  8. I am seriously sick of this shit and I’m getting too old and tired to get out and yell and scream. It’s time for like minded people to pick a place, fortify it and make a stand. The U.S. , Canada, it doesn’t matter, they are out to sell us all out to a larger agenda. They are coming for “us” and with guns. I have one last thing to say… I WILL NOT COMPLY!!

  9. And what do they do when someone “forgets” to list such
    an account? Incidentally, I’m only asking that question for…um,
    a friend. Yeah, that’s it – it’s for
    a friend…

    : }

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