After HLN calls special ‘The Monica Lewinsky Scandal,’ the real Monica hits back with a better title

BPR: Monica Lewinsky blasted CNN’s sister network HLN for touting an upcoming TV special called “The Monica Lewinsky Scandal.”

Lewinsky tweeted: “Fixed it for you. You’re welcome,” after crossing out the words “The Monica Lewinsky Scandal” and replacing them with “The Starr Investigation. The Clinton Impeachment.”


The withering comeback comes amid growing condemnation of former president Bill Clinton’s affair with Lewinsky when she was a White House intern from 1995 to 1996.

Many top Democrats now say they believe Lewinsky was a victim and that Clinton should have resigned once the affair became public.

Instead, he and his wife Hillary Clinton vehemently denied the sexual relationship before Bill ultimately confessed following an investigation that cost taxpayers $80 million.  read more 

SNIP: That’s all nice and nifty, Mon, but let’s not forget it was still you under that desk with Clinton’s shepherd in your pie hole.
Alas, if only she knew how to photoshop the stain out of that blue dress…

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  1. 25 years from now those same “top demorats” will also say it was a mistake for Hitlery to run for President.

    Many people are still making the same old mistake, and that is listening to what the scum in the media and the demorat politicians have to say. They are irrelevant and need to be ignored and dismissed. I only pay attention to what Trump says and does and go from there.

    Other than watching the rapists and homos crash and burn and hopefully some of them killing themselves, pay no attention to what they say.

  2. She was the predator, taking advantage of Bill’s vulnerability just like all those other other aggressive women who preyed on him for years.

  3. I don’t care about a skank giving
    a BJ. I want to know who got the 80
    mil of OUR hard earned and what did they
    do to earn what many of us will never earn
    in a life time.Obungo spent 700 mil of our
    precious tax money on promoting homosexuality
    in sub-Sahara Africa from 2012-2016.Who the hell
    got that money! and what did they do with it ????!!!!!

  4. The stain that impeached a pervert. Without the stained blue dress, Monica was headed for the looney bin. She was being set up by both Clintons as a deranged stalker. Hillary knew the drill by then. Attack the bimbo. Only the dress proved she was telling the truth. It belongs in the Smithsonian.

  5. Clinton has always seen himself as a real swordsman as he tried to model himself after his hero JFK. What the pig did was to seduce a naive young girl barely out of her teens.
    She was traumatized by this lowlife and has the herpes blisters to prove it.

  6. People! People. People… The learned Ms. Lewinsky is correct to still persist in her dissent. There is nothing “scandalous” about an intern sucking the boss’ crank. In the office. During “work” hours. Just ask anyone.

  7. I will never forget the interview Matt Horn-Dog Lauer did with Monica at the time this took place. He had the gall to ask her if she feels for first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and daughter Chelsea and how she was the woman who nearly brought down a President. I don’t remember anyone EVER asking poor Bill if he ever thought about how this would affect his family or the country.
    What a journalist.

  8. If the horn dog had just come clean.
    “Yeah, I did it, have you seen my wife?”
    Done, over, forgiven.
    But noooo, he had to wag that fat fishy finger in our faces and fabricate the truth.
    Not just to us, the taxpayers who expect a President to be somewhat civil but to Congress, there in lies the rub.
    It’s illegal to lie to Congress.
    Something that is kinda ironic, given that Congress thinks nothing of lying to us too.


    Why be allies with the people who ruined her life?

    She should go on a media tour and trash him as a sexual predator and pervert. More dirt to bury the Clintons.

    The fact that she had the nerve to FIGHT BACK against HLN, gets a big 👍 from me! Left wing propagandists exposed again.

  10. How does one square what Clinton was doing with what Louis CK was doing? I’d imagine this must be a zero sum game, meaning that if you think CK was engaging in power dynamics then you absolutely must think the exact same of Clinton. If not, how and why?

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