After Public Shaming, Medtronic Disavows Comments by Woman Who Told White House Staffer to Die ‘Slowly, Painfully’

Breitbart: Medical company Medtronic disavowed one of their employee’s comments after they were called out by White House Director of Social Media Dan Scavino on Facebook for her wishing him a slow and painful death.

“Hi! You’re a moron!! Your president is a moron and you’re going to burn in hell. I hope you die slowly. I hope you die painfully. Just die already. K?” the woman wrote in a series of private messages to Scavino. “K. Have a nice day. God bless. Jesus loves you. I hope you’ve cancelled your account by now.”





I am truly disgusted!
For over a decade I have purchased medical supplies from Medtronic and  I recently bought a another insulin pump from them.  I’ve been dealing with them since around 2006, and their customer service has really gone downhill since 2010. I have stories. But, whatever.

The thought of an employee who works for a medical company telling someone, I don’t care who, to die a slow and painful death is beyond sick, disgusting and yeah, even dangerous.
How many more of Medtronic’s employees think like this?

“I hope you’ve cancelled your account by now”

What did that mean? That he should have cancelled his or his child’s supplies that treats a chronic, life-threatening illness? Or for chronic pain management? Or for cardiac care products?
Was that a threat? Was she going to delete his account for him if he didn’t do it himself?

What did they do with this stellar employee? It’s not enough to say,“The comments of a single individual do not reflect the views of the company.” Oh, OK.  Thanks. That’s awesome… and cookie-cutter lame.
Was she fired or not? What are you doing  that guarantees these psychos aren’t employed by you in the future?

If  this happened before I purchased the insulin pump, I’d have dumped them like hot garbage and gone elsewhere.
For the next 3 years, with every monthly payment I make to Medtronic, I will keep this incident in mind. Maybe I will remind them of it from time to time.

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  1. And then the hypocrite has the nerve to invoke the name of God and say Jesus loves you? Bitch needs to be in an unemployment line ASAP.

  2. MJA – You’re right about Medtronic’s customer service. IT SUCKS. I am absolutely convinced that they hire nothing but amputee’s over there, who’re missing arms….because nobody ever picks up a goddam phone!

    “This call is being recorded for quality assurance purposes (and to entrap you at our convenience). Please listen carefully because our phone options have changed (in order to confuse you and get you to hang up the phone so that we don’t have to do our fucking jobs).
    Press 1 for English (which will guarantee that you go into a tape-loop for eternity)
    Marque el numero Dos para Espanol (which will guarantee your question will be handled promptly because we want to be seen as a PC, multicultural, diverse, welcoming company that loves illegal immigrant criminals)…..”

  3. I was a software developer. Time and again I applied for jobs at Medtronic for which I was marginally qualified. Almost every time after being rejected for even an interview, the exact same job appeared on their HR website. They would rather leave a position unfilled rather than even consider me for an interview. I blame age discrimination, because all they have to do is call my undergraduate alma mater, ask my graduation date, and voila, they get my age. Rather than hire an experienced geezer, they’d rather hire a punk out of college, overwork him until he burns out, and replace him with another punk to fix all the bugs the previous punk put in the code. Don’t buy Medtronic products; the software was built by inexperienced college graduates.

  4. Whelp: interjection. A remark, generally thought of as southern slang, that is derived from the word “Well” and also used in its stead in order to lead one into another sentence that may continue a paused conversation/story or be used to signify the conclusion of one. Where as pronunciation of “Well” can be drawn out, “Whelp” is strictly pronounced very quickly and with a slight rising-inflection.

  5. Geeknerd. For some reason, when they first opened their offices in southern california, anyone applying for the simplest of all jobs, had to have a minimum of 6 years experience. Kinda funny since the last time I called billing, they couldn’t figure out how to subtract my down payment from the total cost of an item. It took them 3 months to figure out how to set up my payment schedule between them in CA and the morons in Chicago. Not only that, they sent my stuff to, not just the wrong city, but the wrong state. Across the country. They mistook my zip code which begins with 8, for one that begins with 3. That’s all I can figure out. lol.

  6. Never heard of “Medtronics” but I hope I never need their services – they can Eat Shit And Die.

    Surely there’s a better provider out there?

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. We will either restore civility in the country or society will continue to degrade.
    Medtronic should feel intense heat until they properly deal with their employee’s bad behavior.

  8. OMG! Scary crazy. Why would someone feel compelled to PM someone they didn’t know? Especially to say nasty stuff. Really weird internet etiquette, she’s embraced.

    She sounds like the crazy woman I stood next to on the subway one time. I’ll never forget that woman… she went completely unhinged at all of us thinking that she was going to miss the exit time on the PACKED train. (we were ALL getting off at the same stop, I guess she wanted to be FIRST?) She went crazy… yelling at all of us, and ME!… for being in front of her and waiting in line to exit.

    I’m going to look up Medtronics… I have no idea who they are.

  9. medtronics ‘disavows’ those comments?

    why am i not surprised that she wasn’t summarily fired.

    if you said those thing about the previous administration, you’d be fired the minute your company found out.
    Because it would prove you hate niggers or something if you said it about obongo’s people.

    f them

  10. BFH – thank you for posting this. I read earlier about a GoFundMe page for MJA but didn’t know how to find it.

    I’m going over to make a donation now. Love you, MJA!

  11. Plausible deniability example: “If you or any one of your IM Force is caught or killed, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This tape will self-destruct is 5 seconds. Good luck, Jim.”

  12. Thank you! I appreciate your donations and kindness more than you could ever know. Thank you so very much. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


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