After Release From Jail Over Coronavirus Fears, Alleged Rapist Kills His Accuser

WFB: A Maryland man indicted on rape charges, who a Virginia court released in April due to the coronavirus pandemic, murdered the woman who accused him, Alexandria, Va., police say.

Ibrahim Bouaichi was indicted on five separate charges, including rape, strangulation, and abduction, and was originally jailed without bond after Karla Dominguez accused him of raping her in October.

Bouaichi shot and killed Dominguez outside of her Alexandria apartment on July 29, according to police. more

22 Comments on After Release From Jail Over Coronavirus Fears, Alleged Rapist Kills His Accuser

  1. Exactly the same thing happened 2 weeks ago in Brampton, Ontario.

    Good work Judges!

    Now lets all blame the police who did their jobs properly rather than those responsible.

  2. A RAPIST was going to get COVID-19 in jail??? GOOD!!!!

    Take off your fugging masks!!! Enough!!! Resist this tyranny!!!!

    Democrats have blood on their hands.

  3. I’m stymied as to how ANYONE can go through life with no conscience, despite the democrats proving it time and time again how to do it.

  4. For fuggs sake they were one vote away from releasing Gary Ridgeway (The green river killer) because of of COVID-1984. That psycho was one vote less dangerous than Covid 1984!?!
    I guarantee you this, the pharmaceutical companies have killed more people than COVID-1984 and Gary Ridgway combined.

    But don’t worry about it, keep wearing your mask. Your forced vaccination will be along shortly.

  5. The Dimwit clown in California released 17,000 prisoners for fear they would get Covid.
    I don’t want to have anyone suffer, but they should sue that fool for every nickel he will ever have.

  6. Pardon me for this BUT: Since it is unlikely that the citizenry will be able to decapitate the bastard and deposit his head and remains on the judge’s front porch as with the pedophile in FL, perhaps they could look to the bastard’s lawyers…

  7. His wanted poster should read: Wanted Dead or Alive, whole or in parts. We only need the head.
    See if that generates a faster surrender.

  8. The reason the woman was killed was because of toxic masculinity. Stupid Democrats had nothing to do with it. Don’t you know anything?

  9. I wonder why all the news accounts are happy to tell us that his poor victim was from Venezuela, but nowhere can I find the monstrous rapist/murder nationality, either citizenship or country of origin.

    There’s something about that last name that says Somalia to me, but that’s just a guess.

    BTW, the judge who released the animal is named Nolan Dawkins. He retired in June, and he’s not returning anybody’s calls for some reason.

  10. Proving once again (and again, and again, and again, and again – I could go on ad infinitum) that liberalism is a mental disorder.

  11. Well, the muzzrat suspect “of middle eastern descent”, did the world a favor and croaked it from shooting himself.

    I read in an article that his victim supposedly had a relationship with him. Why in the world do some western women want to be with a moslem?!

  12. Everything that progressives do is done with the end result of increasing innocent human suffering, misery and death in mind. All of their programs, all of there policies and all of their practices result in a net increase in innocent human suffering, misery and death.

    The left wants criminals out so they can implement their strategy, they want to abolish the death penalty because what has happened in the past is likelier to happen again. I’ll give them credit for consistency.

  13. If he had any conscience whatsoever he would…

    Screw it, why bother? No one with a functioning conscience would even have considered pulling this stunt.

  14. Because of all of the blood on my hands due to women “who died from back alley abortions” due to my prolife positions, I feel qualified to speak on this.

    *Ahem* They have blood on their hands.

  15. Rape someone, go free.

    Gather for church, everyone gets arrested, church shut down.

    ( this is why you need an angry mob to march on private homes, “Those who do not listen, must be made to feel.” )

  16. So … why aren’t our “judges” responsible for their “rulings?”
    Why isn’t Gov. Cuomo responsible for his “rules?”
    Why isn’t Gov. Whitmer responsible for her dictats?

    Seems to be a disconnect here. These maggots want power but not the responsibility that goes along with it. I say, give it to em! You want it, you got it! The whole enchilada! You release a rapist who goes on and murders his victim – you get raped and murdered by whomever desires such. You send diseased people into “assisted living” situations – you get diseased people to inhabit your home and office and accompany you until death overtakes you. You put people out of work because of a hoax, all your assets are seized and turned over to those you impoverished – and then you’re executed for malfeasance.

    It’s only FAIR!

    izlamo delenda est …


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