After telling GOP to downsize convention due to COVID-19, N.C. governor marches in crowded ‘protest’

‘Protecting public health and safety during this pandemic is a priority,’ the governor claims.

Just the News: Shortly after he told the Republican Party that it would have to “scale down” its scheduled national convention in the state due to coronavirus transmission concerns, North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper marched in a densely-packed protest outside of the governor’s mansion, at times removing his face mask while walking through the crowd.

Cooper said Tuesday that the Republican National Convention, scheduled to be held in Charlotte this summer, would have to be reduced in size due to fears that the coronavirus pandemic would still pose a significant threat in August.

“The people of North Carolina do not know what the status of COVID-19 will be in August, so planning for a scaled down convention, with fewer people, social distancing and face coverings is a necessity,” Cooper said. more

18 Comments on After telling GOP to downsize convention due to COVID-19, N.C. governor marches in crowded ‘protest’

  1. No need of convention, already know that President Trump will be the republican nominee. Let’s just vote in November.

  2. Oh those long ago state tourism slogans!
    You remember, “Virginia is for lovers”, “I luv NY”(!)…
    Instead, the Governor of NC saves on this expense by portraying his state a shithole. No slogan needed.

    Can’t wait until NC’s next hurricane landfall when he’ll kneel and give the President’s ass a tongue-bath.

  3. He’s beem lying about the COVID numbers. They keep going up, despite the fact the so-called curve in this pandemic hoax has “flattened”. Cooper is a progressive leftist to the extreme. The rioting in NC has been very coordinated with his blessing.
    Hopefully, his opponent, Dan Forest will win in November. Here is Forest discussing NC’s loss of the RNC Convention; .

  4. Move it to a red state is right. Keep money out of the pockets of the businesses run by dems who elected him.

  5. Move it to the largest venue in any red state. I bet some place in Texas can hold a really large Trump Rally – I mean GOP convention!

    Everything is bigger in Texas, remember?

  6. Why would anyone schedule anything in NC? I do drive through there on the way to SC and back, but I don’t stop there for anything.

  7. I know of two DC swamp rats that pulled up stakes to move to NC. They impugn the locals constantly and voted in stupid.

    This is what I fear about mass exodus’s from blue states.

    The rule should be (but it won’t) that you have to have a permanent domicile, show proof of income, show proof that you are not receiving government subsistence of any kind, in order to vote. Social Security and vet benefits excluded.

    The lights are off in NYMANJDECAORWA and those people are cockroaches coming to destroy other favorable states. They’ve already ruined VA and NC.

    God I hate these people.

  8. Just like AOC kept Amazon out of her district, these Democrats seem to be saying, “We can’t keep our constituents under our thumb if they have jobs.”

  9. Born and bred here in NC…home of Jesse Helms, nuff said.
    Sadly, the blue fungus has terminally infected our state to the point where a used car salesman like Cooper can be guv. I would have pulled the convention months earlier so fat Roy (cuz he ain’t missed a check or meal) wouldn’t have the opportunity to screw around with local republicans. Another missed job opportunity for our local businesses, thanks dems!


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