After watching hearing, woman accuses Washington state lawmaker of raping her in 2007 – IOTW Report

After watching hearing, woman accuses Washington state lawmaker of raping her in 2007

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FOX News:


In June, Faber published an online essay where she wrote she had met a man “at the Capitol” and spent the night out drinking and kissing and that both “drank too much.” After returning to his hotel room, he pinned her to the bed and pulled down her dress.

After the man raped her, she asked him for a kiss goodnight before leaving the room, she wrote.

Faber rejected that the kiss request was “not how girls act when they’ve been raped.” She wrote that she later called a friend, wondering if she should go to a hospital.

She said she didn’t report the rape because “I didn’t think anyone would believe me” or “care.”

Faber told KOWU-TV that she left her information technology job with the city of Seattle in 2017 because of a mental health breakdown. She said she was diagnosed with psychosis triggered by the buildup of traumas, including rape.

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Snip: Click on her Twitter link and go to her website if you want to see what she looks like.

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  1. From Bing:

    psychoses (plural noun)

    a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality.

    “they were suffering from a psychosis” · “the symptoms of psychosis”

    synonyms: insanity · insaneness · dementia · mental illness · derangement · dementedness · instability · unsoundness of mind · lunacy · distraction · depression · mania · hysteria · frenzy · psychosis · psychopathy · schizophrenia · hydrophobia · craziness · meshugaas · dingbats · moon-madness · cynanthropy · deliration · lycanthropy · zoanthropy

    antonyms: sanity

  2. It seems most of the screwballs have migrated to the western states. There they can be cultivated and then weaponized.

  3. organgrinder- That’s true. But I think if they do, they’ll be complicit in her either committing suicide or being locked away in a treatment center. How are they going to pin down and get answers from a person who isn’t sure what they’re doing the moment they are doing it?

  4. The sad part is, that this dude’s career is over. Guilty or not, in this political climate of “weaponized sex.” Dude is finished.

  5. Well, that depends… He’s listed as a ‘moderate’ republican. In Washington state, that must be a wet behind the ears democrat.
    Maybe Abigail and Geoff can fill us in about him.

  6. If he is from Washington state he is a Democrat. I moved from Washington to Texas because of the high business taxes and property prices. There is no representation of people with the political ideology I hold in Olympia Washington.

  7. In her twitter feed, she made a comment about her high school gym teacher (?) saying he didn’t believe she was raped. No info to explain before or after that comment.

  8. Lotta old swordsmen in high positions be shitten dey pants nowadays.
    An epidemic of fucked up women on the way. No stopping them. No cure available, yet.

  9. Ban me if you must but I have no pity for any woman raped after getting herself blind drunk. Sorry. Your responsibility, at least by 50%.

  10. Her high school gym teacher didn’t believe she was raped???? Why wouldn’t she speak to LE abt this? Her gym teacher? And then plaster it on twit-twat?
    I’m skeptical of anyone who blabs their deepest, darkest secrets to anyone and everyone except the ppl they should confide in, like family, LE, clergy, therapist etc.
    naw she’s just an attention ho jumping on the GFM bandwagon.

  11. So she didn’t report it right after it happened when the memory was fresh and DNA evidence was available but it’s more believable now 11 years after the fact?


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