AG Barr launches Operation Legend, federal crackdown on violent crime in U.S. cities

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Attorney General William Barr on Wednesday announced the launch of Operation Legend, an effort to crack down on spiking crime in American cities like Kansas City, where four-year-old LeGend Taliferro was fatally shot in his bed last month.

Federal law enforcement agencies will work with state and local law enforcement to help tackle crime in U.S. cities.

“President Trump has made clear: The federal government stands ready and willing to assist any of our state and local law enforcement partners across the nation responding to violent crime. Operation Legend will combine federal and local resources to combat the disturbing uptick in violence by surging federal agents and other federal assets into cities like Kansas City, a city currently experiencing its worst homicide rate in its history,” Barr said in a statement included in a Department of Justice press release. more

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  1. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, whutever happened to all that other stuff that wuz on his plate a year and a half ago?? Inquiring minds want to know! The rug is getting pretty lumpy and smelly with all that cat shit under it!

  2. Do not rescue these cities! They are cancers on their states and should be left to the sewers of their own creation to wallow, drown, and DIE!

  3. This will probably be blocked or severely limited by the Left, it interferes with their agenda.

  4. Now that he’s swept all the traitors from DC he’s set his sights on doing the same in the cities. We can expect identical results.

  5. Once again, I have nothing to give. When Barr shows something tangible, I might find one in my pocket.

  6. Because these places were so compliant and helpful when DHS was trying to pick up illegals?
    Yeah, they’ll be a big help, I’m sure.

  7. Trump is playing this the right way, allowing the Democrats in charge to show the citizens just who they are, and vote accordingly. If you’re a Democrat and continue voting in your demise, then don’t expect any empathy from your fellow citizens. I don’t expect anything to come out of the Fed’s help. It’s only an offer, they deny the help, people will see it.

  8. Remember how you waited and waited for your favorite band to release that new record?

    Billy & The Soundbites. Same tune, different words.


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