AG Barr: ‘We Have Evidence’ Antifa is ‘Instigating’ Violent Riots

Neon Nettle: Attorney General remarks come as investigation is launched into far left group

Attorney General William Barr has revealed that officials in law enforcement now have evidence that Antifa and other far-left extremist groups have been involved in inciting and participating in the violent riots sweeping across the US amid the death of George Floyd.

Barr’s remarks come a day after President Donald Trump’s administration launched an investigation into Antifa suspected of being behind the nationwide rioting and unrest.

Barr said at a news conference:

“While many have peacefully expressed their anger and grief, others have hijacked protests to engage in lawlessness — violent rioting and arson, looting of businesses and public property, assaults on law enforcement officers and innocent people, and even the murder of a federal agent.” “Such senseless acts of anarchy are not exercises of First Amendment rights; they are crimes designed to terrify fellow citizens and intimidate communities.”“As I told the governors on Monday, we understand the distinction among three different sets of actors,” Barr added.


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  1. Antifa is one terror org – but there are others. It the funders are not prosecuted, we are doomed.

    Barr’s record is awful.

  2. If you watched Barr’s press conference you heard Wray speaking a lot and saying little. What a weasel he is. And there was the press, trying their damndest to get Barr to pin this on right-wing extremists.

    The irony was that in their attempt to get Barr to say that there were identifiable right-wing groups is that if their is a clear-cut distinction to be made, that means there are certainly extremist left-wing operators.

    While Barr was trying to frame the violence as crime, no matter what the political ideology, the press pressed on with trying to assign blame based only on political ideology. Dumb Dumbs want gum gums.

  3. Hey Barr!! How much evidence for how many different crimes, committed by how many different people have you done less than jackshit about?

  4. And right on cue, ThE rEaL CuLpRiTs:

    “U.S. Attorney Nicholas A. Trutanich for the District of Nevada, Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson, Special Agent in Charge Aaron C. Rouse for the FBI, and Sheriff Joseph Lombardo of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department announced today that three alleged members of the “Boogaloo” movement — a term used by extremists to signify a coming civil war and/or collapse of society — have been charged with violations of federal and state law for conspiracy to cause destruction during protests in Las Vegas, and possession of an unregistered destructive device (specifically, an improvised incendiary device commonly known as a Molotov cocktail).”

    @AA…Now we know what Wray has been up to: setting up the White Supremacist Rioter narrative.

  5. If you have evidence, then do something about it instead of calling another press conference you bloviating fucks!!! The left literally can commit any crime it wants with absolute impunity other than another press conference announcing there is evidence of illegal behavior that NEVER… GETS… PROSECUTED… EVER!!!… Unlike the high crimes committed by Roger Stone, whatever the fuck they were.

  6. Must be time for patriots to make the move, because no one that is suppose to be enforcing our laws is doing anything other than talking. BS enough is enough.

  7. AntiFa was originally a Stalinist organization designed to eradicate any non-Stalinist parties in Germany (and eventually, Eastern Europe) at the close of WWII. Its charter hasn’t changed.

    Terror, Murder, Mayhem, Blackmail, Extortion, Corruption, Bribery, Sedition, Treason, Unionism – whatever is necessary to destroy a Republic and install a “socialist” tyranny.

    That America is just now waking to the danger doesn’t bode well – it’s been around for 75 fukkin years!

    Ah, well … another “failure” of our “educational” system.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. And this prick SecDef Esper, giving Trump a bunch of noise about the Insurrection Act. I remember when SecDef Ash Carter held the feckless Barky’s bicycle seat for so long that he was called “President Carter”. And look how Barky’s FoPo turned out.

    Step away from Trump’s Harley, Esper. You’re liable to get run over.

  9. I don’t want to hear another Goddamn word from anybody who is in a position to prosecute this kind of bullshit w/o them citing chapter and verse of EXACTLY what they intend to do about it. And I want a fucking timeline or I am going to just write you of as the latest incarnation of Trey (endless bullshit is my middle name) Gowdy.

    These phony baloney cowboys are all hat and no beef. Put the fuck up or shut fuck up is the best I can do for you today Mr Barr. I’m not in a particularly generous mood this morning.

  10. @ Tim JUNE 5, 2020 AT 12:30 PM

    You got that shit right. And I might add, both the Fascists and the communists/National Socialists were engaging in an internecine struggle to sort out which stateist genocidal faction of the PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT would have intimate control over the masses. Two variations on a theme. Both wanted control of the PROGRESSIVE movement and the power to implement it’s agenda.

  11. Find Soros. Launch a sortie of drones and get the whole damn family. Take a page from the Super Negro.


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