AG Barr’s trip to Italy on ‘official business’ may be a key to unmasking deep state entrapment of George Papadopoulos by CIA asset Joseph Mifsud

American Thinker:
Attorney General William Barr quietly flew off to Italy on official business on Wednesday, a move first noticed by ABC correspondent Alex Mallin on Friday, September 27. He tweeted the news as an ABC scoop at 12:54 PM, Eastern Daylight time.  Once the trip was on the public record, and only 15 minutes later, at 1:09 PM, George Papadopoulos tweeted out his view that the trip was related to Joseph Mifsud, the Maltese professor and CIA asset, who planted the information that the Russians had Hillary’s missing emails in hand, information that Papadopoulos later passed along to the Australian High Commissioner (ambassador) to Britain, who then passed this information along to US intelligence authorities as evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. MORE HERE

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  1. For months Sundance has been denigrating AG Barr as a Deep Stater and when I saw this piece at CTH, and his breakdown of it, I was very surprised that he didn’t at least hint at any sort of mea culpa for his months of negative speculation. Sundance has been a very fine source of information and a big help by archiving many details and connecting them to the big picture, but I have to say that he didn’t do any favors by leading many to believe that Barr is anti-Trump and also tacitly suggest that Trump doesn’t know better than to put a Brutus in as AG after the false start with Sessions.

    I’ve been listening to all the speeches I can find given by Barr to various organizations. There aren’t many — about 4 or so, and they are dry as toast compared to the politically-oriented speeches given by some Trump cabinet members, but what he has to say doesn’t, at all, paint a picture of a deranged Deep Stater. For any of you who are still convinced he’s Deep State or incompetent, I encourage you to listen to the man’s words. Drink some coffee because his speeches are not as entertaining as his bagpipe playing.

    Barr is a good prosecutor. He wants to run to ground hard evidence that will stand up to the shenanigans of the Left. Look what Pelosi, Schiff, et al have done to turn the Trump/Zelensky phone transcript on its head and what the media has done to convince people that Shokin was another liar (under oath).

  2. Here is a long article dated May 24th that has a lot of info regarding Italy’s involvement with Spygate. In the interest of full disclosure NeonRevolt is a Q guy, but there is very little said about Q in this article so those that instantly get turned off by a that can rest easy, it won’t last.

  3. I seemed to me that patriot Barr has the intellect and tenacity to see this through. Laying down a foundation and building a very large gibbett to hang all the traitors on.

    The wheel of justice grinds slowly and very very fine.

    God has his hand in this and His Will Be Done.


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