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Age of Easy Money


Around the country and across the world, the threat of a recession is looming and economic uncertainty is rising as markets, businesses and individuals adjust to a new reality: the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates and pulling back on its epic monetary experiment that started with the Great Financial Crisis.

From the award-winning team behind The Facebook Dilemma and Amazon Empire, the two-hour documentary Age of Easy Money investigates how the Fed’s experiment has changed the American economy and what it means that the era may be over. Watch

Remember Quantitative Easing and QE2? Remember the post Janet Yellen held before incompetently running the Treasury? How about the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers and “too big to fail?” This documentary revisits all the ill-advised steps taken by the Federal Reserve over the last 15 years that have left us now on the verge of a Great Depression style collapse of the banking system.

I’ve watched about a half hour of this documentary and highly recommend it for those wonder what role the Fed has played in putting the nation on the brink of financial disaster.

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  1. Her voice and speech pattern alone should have raised flags long ago.

    Maybe it did.

    Know What I’m Saying?

  2. Take my recommendation for what it’s worth. I found it informative.

    Just because I have a Ph.D. in International Business with a Minor in Finance doesn’t mean that my opinion on this particular program should carry any weight with anyone. No, not at all. Just judge it from the broadcaster is always the best approach (said with as much sarcasm as is humanly possible).

  3. I watched it and recommend it to anyone who is having trouble comprehending this catastrophe. I also forwarded it to a couple of simpletons who think it’s Trump’s fault that there was a run on a couple of Woke Banks. It was stunningly obvious that the Federal Reserve, corrupt politicians, and incompetent, amateur bankers created and perpetuated this financial disaster. This wasn’t the usual Frontline hit job on Conservatives. Watching some of the senior moneymen describe how much worse it’s going to get was a warning that everyone needs to heed.


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