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Agent Porridge

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  1. Pedo Joe is a walking insult to humanity, not just veterans.

    He is delberately an insult to the American voter as he is an obvious fraud.

    His existence is an insult to everything good and decent.

    As intended.

    Don’t feel bad when the devil insults you, veterans.

    The devil only leaves you alone when he thinks he owns you.

  2. Never ever volunteer to support any battle our clowns in Washington commit to wasting others lives, and health on. They will just throw you away like toilet paper move to next stall.

  3. Just like Steve Martin as Inspector Closeau says of Biden, “You’re disgusting.” It’s been almost 50 years since I joined the Navy in late Aug. 1972, there is no way in Hell I would even think of joining the Navy now with joey as CIC. FJB/LGB!

  4. Dementia never rests, and Dementia Joe never disappoints his audiences and his critics. That Big White Bunny must be anxiously awaiting Poor Joey’s return from his latest vacation with Doktor Jill and Humper, and the Kalamitous Jamindian must be practicing how to command that Big White Bunny to back off and stay in her hutch.

  5. This is one of the Usurping Pedophile Joey’s least insulting maunderings.

    He’s one of the “guys” – hootch and chow?

    God is punishing us – otherwise this maggot would burst into flames.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Joe can’t help but compare himself with people who have actually tried to make a difference in defense of their country.
    Joe’s never been a single thing in his life but a scumbag politician, and it shows.
    The unworthy always resent the worthy.

  7. I forget how many bogus deferrals from Service this maggot received to avoid the military during Vietnam.
    I am so disgusted, I don’t even want to look it up.

    Better Men and Women than Biden served with honor while he hid behind false deferrals.

    Coward then, Lying, Incompetent Coward now.


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