Aggressive Joe Pushes Voter, Grabs His Coat

If Trump did this it would be on the news 24/7

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19 Comments on Aggressive Joe Pushes Voter, Grabs His Coat

  1. I like the finger jab to the chest at the end . If he did that to me he would be pulling back a bloody stump before r the SS could say “malarkey “.

  2. I like the finger jab to the chest at the end . If he did that to me he would be pulling back a bloody stump befor the SS could say “malarkey “.

  3. We need to get people into every Joe Biden event just to trigger him like that. It doesn’t take much to push him over the edge. “Hey Joe, how much money did Hunter make off Barisma?”. “HeyJoe, I heard you nearly flunked out of law school.” “Hey Joe, just how low is your IQ, anyway?”

  4. Joey wouldn’t last one verbal comeback in a presidential debate before attempting a finger jab against Trump. Poor Creepy Joe, only a tough guy in his own “mind”.

  5. Yes! Someone needs to follow him around and heckle him Happy Gilmore style, “You suck-ya jackass!!”

    It’s be interesting to see if he could kick butt like Bob Barker. 😆

  6. Remember when Mike Pompeo allegedly used the f-word around an annoying NPR reporter and they treated it like an impeachable offense for four days? I ‘member.

    Good times.

  7. …Democrats are always like that.

    I remember one time years ago, before Democrats took over the County and Cincinnati wasn’t a full-retard sanctuary city, that the wife and I went to a Celtic Festival on the river. There was this Democrat City Council candidate there, and I don’t know why he homed in on us unless it was because I was in my fireman uniform (NOT Cincinnati, but I had a shift later at my agency in another city, and the wife liked it, so I just put it on before we went, it was just easier), but for whatever reason, this guy INSISTED I wear a button promoting his campaign. I didn’t know this guy from Adam, don’t normally wear political buttons, CERTAINLY wouldn’t do so in uniform, and couldn’t vote in City elections anyway, so I told him so. I was young enough to try to be nice and the wife liked being nice, but every time I tried to brush this guy off, he just got nastier, like that would help. Finally having had enough of this guy, I reached out and grabbed his wrist in what COULD have been taken for a handshake, but my wife and I trained together in Taekwondo and practiced one steps together, so SHE knew what was coming next, and kept me from making the news that night. She took my hand off his with her own, held it FIRMLY and said “we’re leaving”, and thus did another Democrat go unpunished because a woman didn’t want a scene.

    …dude didn’t win, tho. Too bad, I would have known were he was then and could have stopped by, not in uniform, to congratulate him properly…

  8. BTW BFH, Love the cones of shame pic. I think joey needs an additional one below the belt line. You know, only way to be sure.

  9. “I drove out here today in my VW van to say how much I hate energy, especially fossil fuels, and the building of energy structures. And I’m voting for the billionaire who got rich off of fossil fuels, because I’m a fucking retard.”

    – Typical Green Voter


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