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Ah, Memories…

White House Briefing. A bad lip reading.

h/t Conservative Treehouse: Sarah Huckabee Sanders Easily Wins Arkansas Republican Primary Race for Governor.

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  1. Huckabee versus any of Biden’s lying press secretaries, Huckabee the winner by a long shot.
    She’ll be an excellent Governor.

  2. Both Sarah and Kayleigh were absolute pros at their jobs. Probably never see their caliber of work again until POTUS Trump takes back the WH.

    I never understood why Trump’s WH dropped giving alt (conservative) media access during the press briefings. Did that end when Bannon left?

  3. That was great!
    I haven’t watched a Bad Lip Reading in ages.
    Sarah H. Sanders will be awesome as Gov.
    Between her and DeSantis the media will get put in place.


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