Ahahaha – Daily Caller Says 3 Roy Moore Accusers Are Republican- So There Goes His “This is Politically Motivated” Defense

Are they kidding? I sort of like The Daily Caller, but this article is ridiculous.

Let’s put aside whether you believe Roy Moore or not, their claim is that if the women accusing Moore of indiscretions are Republicans it punctures the Moore claim that these accusations are politically motivated.

Uhhhhh, has The Daily Caller been in a coma for the last 2 years?

Recent events have revealed that Republicans are corrupt to the core and are all-in with the left’s agenda on many issues conservatives abhor.

It’s so bad that I detest the term RINO (republican in name only) to describe someone that is an enemy of conservatism. Republicans are not conservatives. Who cares if a republican is faking being a republican? Republicans suck.

CINO is the epithet we should be using. You can keep the republicans.


The latest accuser, Beverly Young Nelson, says both she and her husband, who is a truck driver, are Republicans…

Corfman has said that Moore took off her clothes, groped her and guided her hand to his erect penis when she was a 14-year-old girl. Corfman said she voted for the Republican candidate in the last three presidential elections.

Gloria Thacker Deason, another woman who has come forward with her account of Moore’s behavior, is also a registered Republican.


And if George W. Bush, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, John McCain and Paul Ryan stepped forward to say that Moore sexually assaulted them this would puncture Moore’s claim that these accusations are politically motivated??

Shit article.

The Daily Caller is on notice.

(* I am not dying on the Roy Moore hill. All of my Moore related articles are posted to highlight political and moral absurdity. I make no claim that Moore is innocent.)

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  1. Nah. We are against *The Establishment* including the RINOS.

    How much were they paid? Especially Gloria’s girl and the silly, lying 14 year old? …..Lady in Red

  2. No one in the daily caller comments is buying it either.
    The only reason they didn’t say the sign language interpreter was a Trump voter was because she was plastered everywhere doing work for Hillary and Biden.

    This is simply to make someone ask Trump why he would accept a candidate who did awful things to his supporters. Pfft. Whatever.

  3. Well, especially because all Republican women who voted for Trump are self-loathing misogynists who let their husbands call the shots. So why would we believe anything they say?

    It’s a shit argument.

    But most everything that has happened since this story first broke has been a shit show — on all sides.

  4. Personally, I don’t think he’s guilty. I think this is an attack by the Dems, or the GOPe, or both to take out a potential Trump ally.

    However, if he is guilty…I don’t care.

    I’ve been watching the Left for 30 years now, and learning from them. They completely ignore any and all wrongdoing from their politicians, so long as they’re on the correct side.

    Well, like I said, I’ve learned from them. They don’t shoot their own in the back. So neither do I. Roy Moore is a conservative who has promised to back Trump’s agenda. That’s all I need to hear, now that I’ve decided to follow the Left’s playbook.

    Our side needs to follow their example and stop shooting at our own soldiers.

    No enemies to the Right. All the Left are enemies.

  5. I live in Alabama and I honestly think that the RINOS or CINOs are behind this–not the Demwits. I am not dying on the Roy Moore hill either but this is all too convenient for McConnell. I will keep shouting out Menendez’s name who is on trial and the senate will welcome him back with open arms. PFFFT I hate all of them.

  6. “I’m not dying on the Roy Moore hill.”

    Fur, ALL pols should be suspected of something, that’s right. But in this case it’s so cheesy and obvious. I see that Cruz has pulled his endorsement. LOL! Sorry, but it does seem at times that these guys are…well…I don’t know. It seems like the really bad pols are always only interested in saving their own necks with no real proof whatsoever. I don’t know if I see it as cowardly or conniving — maybe a little of each.

    That body expert lady, Bombard, did an analysis of the Allred client and said it was complete bunkum. A well-rehearsed act. Now there’s a handwriting expert who said Moore’s supposed yearbook entry is a forgery. I thought it was funny he should write “Christmas, 1977” when yearbooks don’t come out until late spring in school districts across the country, just before graduation.

    I don’t trust the Republicans or the media on any of this. Period.

  7. I almost commented on another Moore thread that I would be prone to believe some of the charges if he was a demoncrat but I refrained from doing so.

    Well, Rush just said that Moore was a demoncrat when he was younger.

    What to think? What to think?

    However, all this McTurtle crap is making me still want Moore to win.

  8. AA, I do agree. However Bombard said she was a good actor. No, she was horrible. No fire in her belly, unless it came from too much booze. The woman overdid the victim after so many years.

    She looks like she was already abused in that pic of her that she displayed, but not once. Bet she came on to him and he put her off.

  9. Whatever Moore did, Washington is WORSE.

    They need to realize that the extremely high standards (impossible) set for Conservatives, is not going to be tolerated. Treat us like democrats.

  10. Under what we used to think were “normal” circumstances, even a few years ago, Moore would’ve been long gone at the demand of the electorate itself. But we’ve learned over the past two years that there is no level too low for the DNC, the establishment GOP, the deep state, and the MSM to stoop in order to remove a candidate or office-holder who is undesirable to the DC swamp monsters.

    From rigged primaries to leaked debate questions to accusers recanting their stories or claiming their statements were taken out of context to murdered e-mail database administrators to the now pathetic Russian dossier debacle, it is now becoming very clear how the swamp monsters undermine the will of the voters and protect bad people in their fold and drive away anyone they don’t want in DC even if they’ve earned the right to be there.

    Even if Moore does turn out to be a one time or full time creep or perv, the standard of evidence required to prove that now has been greatly elevated thanks to all the lies from anti-Trump assholes over the past year.

  11. No Trump voting Republican woman I know would ever allow Gloria Allred to represent her nor would she come public with a load of crap a month from an election to smear someone 40 years after the fact, even if that person was a Democrat. And Moore was a Democrat 40 years ago so what, they looked the other way then because he was one of their own?!

  12. To hell with all of them. I hope the people of Alabama elect Moore. If it later turns out that the accusations are true – with proof – then he can step down and the governor can appoint another Republican. No way would I vote for a Democrat because of this.

  13. ” And Moore was a Democrat 40 years ago so what,…”

    Back then in the South, the democrats were conservative. The liberal poison hadn’t reached Alabama at that time.

  14. Harbqll said it perfectly. Moore if elected will support Trump and MAGA and the Constitution. He’s got balls, he’s a fighter. That’s good enough for me, and all I need to know.

    The Right will never win playing circular firing squads over whose eye has the mote and whose eye has the log, or ostracizing solid candidates over trivia.

    As I’ve posted, these charges are pathetically bogus. The RINOs must be ousted along with the other Leftists. Moore will help achieve that.

    BTW Daily Caller went Center-Squishy-Left a looong time ago, as their pearl clutching NeverTrumpery shows. Ditto TownHall, Twitchy and several other originally-Right leaning sites. Hire a stream of recently graduated Millenial females to churn out your “commentary” content and you wind up with ever more Leftist flavored clickbait.

  15. I suspect that Moore is 95% innocent. Mainly because I know what LIARS the other side is comprised of.

    I immediately thought the yearbook signature was suspicious specifically for the Restaurant name, date and “D A” in the signature. How convenient that signing occurred “at the scene of the crime”!!!

    But I was just looking at commentary on the signature, and took a better look at it, and it looks obviously written in multiple styles. It’s as fake as a 3 dollar bill. And this claim is completely out of character with the other 3 claims, which were quite innocent.

    I don’t believe this witch at all. There should be an investigation….of HER.

  16. If the Demo(n)crats retake the House and Senate after the midterm elections, they will impeach Trump, and since, as we saw with the Clinton impeachment, facts and evidence mean nothing, they will succeed. Therefore, we must all hold our noses and vote for the candidate with the R after the name, even if it’s a RINO or a NeverTrumpster.

    Unless of course the Federalist, Constitutional, Conservative, and Libertarian Parties can form a coalition and united front, when pigs fly.

  17. Everything being done regarding Republicans in Congress claiming to believe Moore’s accusers is about horse trading for the tax plan. Notice that once McConnell proclaimed his belief that Moore was guilty, the repeal of the Obamacare mandated tax was added to the tax plan.

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