ahahaha – So Much Work This Imbecile Put Into His Video Meme

It’s Mueller Time!!!

A Mueller WASTE of Time!!!!!

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  1. Yea being arrested for winning an election fair and square. The left are morons. But Im stating the obvious

  2. There is a serious amount of mental illness going around. Delusional mentally retarded and a whole bunch of Biblical type EVIL.

  3. Well done, but stupid. Whoever made this probably had the entire Hollywood special effects industry behind them, and a budget of millions Unfortunately it was likely written by Alec Baldwin.

  4. I liked it, it gives us another opportunity to call them all putzes.

    3 years later and I still can’t get enough of all the youtube videos of the ,”I’m with her” crowd, their wailing, their angst, their utter humiliation and defeat when their girl went down in flames. Ditto here. All their eggs placed in the Russia Collusion basket, their hopes dashed, crashed on the rocks of reality. So more gnashing of teeth and heaping ashes on their heads. Life does not provide these moments often, we have to savor them.

  5. I assume it’s going to cut down on the work the next person does when all the photoshops are replaced with Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Yate, Nellie Ohr, Uma, Hillary and finally Obama. Probably needs a different sound track though – like the Theme to “Cops” or the old “Dragnet.” The “Law and Order” theme would work as well.

    So, who ever this guy is, he’s saved the next person some time correcting the record.

  6. Humor has to have a sense of plausibility for it to be funny, otherwise it is like this fall flat piece of nothing.
    The other version where Comey is being chased by the FBI {https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ys4UX7sI2do} was funny because it is plausible that he could be arrested for his crimes (which he admitted to in sworn testimony).
    President Trump (Man I Love Saying That) was wire tapped and spied on and still they couldn’t find anything on him. But the left want him arrested anyway.
    That should speak volumes to everyone, and we should be taking it seriously.
    They want Our Man Trump (BFH – have you done a picture with Trump as James Coburns’ Flint?) to be removed from society, except it’s not just him.
    I love the picture that says they aren’t really after him, they’re after us and he just happens to be in the way.
    This video of Trump and his administration being arrested isn’t funny, not because there is no basis in reality, but because it truly should scare the shit out of everyone of us.

  7. Hated it and only lasted 55 seconds.
    Personally, it represents the arresting of American citizens who fail to fall into lock step with all things “Progressive”. Their party -is- tyranny and they are a clear and present danger to our freedoms.

  8. Here’s Michelle Goldberg, writing an op-ed in the Easter Sunday New York Times:

    “In 2017, a brilliant visual effects expert created a video montage called ‘It’s Mueller Time! Trump Administration Season Ending’. Set to the crooning of the 1963 song “From Russia With Love,” it shows F.B.I. agents rounding up the central figures who brought us Donald Trump’s presidency, culminating in Trump himself being led away with his hands behind his back. I’ll admit to having watched this over and over again; it’s one of the most satisfying bits of wish fulfillment I’ve ever seen.”

    Well…wish away, baby, wish away! BWAAAHAHAHAHAAA!

    P.S. – Later in the article, titled “In a Functional Country, We Would Be on the Road to Impeachment”, she writes:

    “There are a lot of reasons Trump’s election remains a festering wound. It was a horrifying shock to many of us and, given his decisive loss in the popular vote, an insult to democracy.”

    Alas, there is no joy in Swampville. Mighty Mueller has struck out.


  9. @VietVet

    This Goldberg woman calls it wish fulfillment. But it didn’t get fulfilled. What’s she smoking?

  10. Remember how mad they got when Trump hit that golf ball right into Hillary’s ass and knocked her down in the plane door? Now THAT was funny.


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