Ahmadi imam says Muslim clerics have perverted Islam for 1400 years


Earle Cornelius of Lancaster Online is a better reporter than most non-Muslim reporters in the U.S. who report on Ahmadiyya spokesmen as if they’re the true, peaceful, moderate Muslims: he informs his readers of a salient detail that most leave out, that the Ahmadiyya “are considered a heretical sect by some Muslims and Ahmadiyya Muslims have been persecuted in Pakistan and Indonesia.”

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But he doesn’t inform his readers that the Ahmadiyya represent no more than three percent of Muslims worldwide, or that in Pakistan, they’re not even allowed legally to proclaim themselves as Muslims.

These facts make Hammad Ahmad’s claim that Muslim clerics have been misunderstanding Islam for 1,400 years — that is, since the very beginning of the religion — bizarre, to say the least. How did this misunderstanding arise at the dawn of the religion, and why did it persist to modern times? Why is the group that Ahmad considers to be the only true Muslims a tiny, despised group?

Earle Cornelius neither asks nor answers these questions. For the mainstream media, in its ongoing quest to present a peaceful, benign face of Islam, any “moderate” will do, no matter how risible his or her claims.


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  1. I have no control over the religion of the anti Christ else ware. But I have something for their ass when they show up on my door step. You lose bitches

  2. “How did this misunderstanding arise at the dawn of the religion, and why did it persist to modern times?”

    Welllll, I wouldn’t use that idea to make your case. It happened with Christianity, too. And not too many years after Christ’s death and resurrection. There were factions of the early church that Paul wrote about in the New Testament. They were called Gnostics. They believed that the material world was evil and they possessed special knowledge that the normal Christian didn’t have. They had to follow strict rules in order to obtain ‘salvation’.

    Actually, Gnostics predated Christianity, but they did influence some in the early church. It was especially problematic with the Jewish Christian because they were so used to following rules that it was easy for them to slip into that thinking.

    And it has persisted to this day. You are always hearing that you have to do this or that to go to heaven. Many factions of Christianity fall into this trap. Instead of relying on Biblical teachings, people have to come up with things we have to do. They don’t seem to like the fact that God already did what we need. They just don’t want to do what God requires – give up ourselves and accept his control of our lives. Ooo, that grates on most people, especially Americans who are proud that they are in control of their lives.

    Heh heh, sorry. Didn’t mean to preach! Anyway, I want to point out that God made sure we knew that the Gnostic teaching was not from him. Allah, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to care of ‘his’ religion is corrupted. Then again; how can something that doesn’t exist care?

  3. The Pervert Muhammad (Pork, Bacon, Upon Ham) would be proud of any additional perverse enhancements of his intentionally sick death cult. It’s supposed to be as evil as possible, so “perverted” would be right in line with the original ideology. No practicing moslem expects islam to become more tame or reasonable. That’s not part of the plan. It will always have to meet Satan’s approval.

  4. I believe that Islime has been recognized as one of the greatest assets that the Globalists/Statists have in the effort to create a single governing entity and economic reordering. If it wasnt, this verminous plague would be meeting resistance from the countries they are invading and destroying.

    Islime has all of the ingredients they need in terms of an enforcement force to physically fight and kill resistors and the non-compliant. It is a creeping cancer, disguised as peaceful, defended my the mainstream, it is tyrannical, merciless, and unbridled violence. It is weaponized.

    No other religion, cult, or mind controlling entity has the capability and the standing army ready to instantly squash its opponents that is embedded into normal society. Nor do they possess the inhumane blood lust for violence and killing of innocent people as do these animals. Islime is the omnipresent version of Hitlers “S.S.”, they are cloaked in legitimacy even though sane people are petrified of them and they are armed to the teeth.

    Islime will do the dirty work in the slaughtering of the masses that most professional soldiers and police officers in the free world would never ever do on behalf of traitorous politicians and psychopaths in government authority. A violent killing machine is necessary even to them… all in the name of the Great Utopia…. wow… I cant wait.

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