Air Biden: Secret Service provided security for Hunter Biden on 400-plus trips during Obama years

JustTheNews: The son of the vice president went on 29 international trips with Secret Service in tow, according to records released under FOIA to Judicial Watch. MORE

Five of the trips were to China, where the Bidens raised eyebrows in December 2013 as Hunter joined his father on an official government trip and pursued an investment opportunity in the shadows of his father’s work.

14 Comments on Air Biden: Secret Service provided security for Hunter Biden on 400-plus trips during Obama years

  1. Hey, if you’re engaging in illegal activity against America, it’s nice to know you have the secure protection of the United States government.

  2. Plus his quota of China blow all his friends were needing at their favorite strip clubs/hookers across the country.

  3. There are hundreds of questions that beg to be asked about this, but you can rest easy the intrepid “freedom of the press“ journalists in the media will Instead focus their brilliant intellectual analysis on urgent news like what Alicia Keys wore at the BET awards.

  4. Did the high $$$ DC hookers use
    lube on the dildo they rammed up his butt?
    Where is that creep anyhow?

  5. Didn’t want to be interrupted while he was doing Blow off of a fat hookers ass crack, Eh!

  6. In the spirit of doing away with the cops thingy we should also do away with the security thingy for all politicians but the President!

  7. @ mickey

    100% correct. Bill them government rates and watch how fast they hire their own security.

  8. Not just the appearance of a “conflict of interest” but blatantly criminal. But, nothing will ever come of it. He’s insulated from the “rule of law”. Just another example of why the majority of American citizens have lost all faith in their government. Their representatives are nothing more than a self perpetuating criminal enterprise. The Biden’s are simply high profile examples of what 99% of elected and appointed officials do on a regular basis. A private citizen would already be jailed, along with his father. This is nothing more than a criminal conspiracy that involves more people than just the Biden’s. This type behavior will never change short of the American people forcing it.

  9. I’m anticipating the President bringing this up during a debate

    and calling out the Fake News debate moderator for being an employee of a ‘news’ org. that didn’t deem this relevant news.

    (NB- I’m waiting for his second term, but if POTUS Trump does not put Hitlary in jail before he’s done, I will be disappointed in him–he must work with shitCongress on many things, but his can sic his AG on her, and plenty evidence would make it stick. Same for Biden, obola, Rice, Brennan…. hell, expand Gitmo now!)


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