Air Conditioning Is Sexist

Legal Insurrection: Peak Feminism? Now Air Conditioning is Sexist.

I honestly do not know where to start with this insanity. Penelope Green at The New York Times asked in a recent article if Americans need an air conditioner.

The Atlantic staff writer Taylor Lorenz jumped onto this notion by declaring air conditioning is sexist because, of course, it is.

Green noted in her article a study performed by that stated “how building temperatures, once set to the comfort preferences of 1960s-era men in suits, disregard the ‘thermal comfort’ of female staffers.”

However, Green pointed out that building managers control the temperatures, often relying on industry standards set by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers. These standards suggest 67 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

I give Green credit because she shows both sides of the story, including one business in Philadelphia that tried to go a summer without air conditioning, which failed because employees complained about the sweltering summer heat. more here

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  1. Dear Taylor Lorenz and Penelope Green:

    Air conditioning keeps my balls from sticking to my inner thigh and also your chins….h/t to Monica

  2. Try living in Houston without a/c. It’s necessary sometimes in winter. Good grief. Let the yanks freeze in the dark. Nuff said

  3. …and here I thought air conditioning was racist, since EVERYTHING is racist…guess it can be both, AND Islamophobic, though homophobic might be a stretch…

  4. Get a fan,open some windows and relax. The sunn will go down sooner or later.bunch of cry babies.😥😥😣

  5. ” I can’t explain how many times I’ve gotten sick over the summer b/c of overzealous AC in offices”

    …you’re sick, all right, but I think it’s more of an overheated brain problem than an overcooled heinie problem…

  6. It is mighty amazing, that an inanimate object like an air conditioner can recognize the superior sex
    and act accordingly!

  7. “…you ever smell a hot, sweaty feminist?”

    Lemesee, the last time was…what time is it? *hic*

  8. But it’s a DRY HEAT. Try living with 100% humility. This woman likes cool air. Good grief get over it.

  9. Hillary
    JULY 8, 2019 AT 7:45 PM
    “…you ever smell a hot, sweaty feminist?”

    “Lemesee, the last time was…what time is it? *hic*”

    …I mean, from the OUTSIDE, @Hillary…

  10. I apologize for going off topic, but there’s no meaningful baseball for several days. Now I wander around alone in the wilderness.

  11. My wife and I find common ground when she says it is too cold and I say it is still too warm. Been married for 29 years, so there is learning curve. You don’t get there in 1 move.

  12. Every day is “that time of the month” for these feminist witches. But I guess that goes for all libtard SJWs, male or female.

  13. So she finally discovered that AC units are full of
    cool male paraphernalia that women can’t figure out.
    Naturally those coils and condensers are a sexist plot
    designed to make women feel stupidly intemperate.

  14. Lazlo is wise in these matters.
    She is saying that the AC is set for men who wear coats (albeit suit coats) all day, and the women cannot wear skimpy outfits and not face hypothermia.
    Lady if they let men wear shorts and Hawaiian shirts to work every day, and lose the infernal tie, then by all means, the thermostat is yours to control

  15. @Jimmy:

    ^ yeah, Uncle Al, but you’re a misogynist for pointing it out!

    Not really. I like all women by default. It’s only when one of them gives me a valid reason do dislike them that I change my attitude! (-:

    Kadoh and/or Katdog:

    Uncle Al you are a pig. Fuck off.

    Oink. Did I trigger you? Good. Oink.

    edit: I say feminism is sexist. Change my mind.
    (h/t Louder with Crowder)

  16. When I was younger I was one of those women who was always cold in the office, so I can see how someone might want to howl sexism, HOWEVER, now that I am middle aged and post hysterectomy, me and my hot flashes might think it’s sexist to NOT have A/C for my comfort. 😉 SO there.

  17. Uncle Al, I give you 10,000 iOTWr thumb ups for that! Bwaaahahahahaha

    Edit: For BOTH of your comments! 😉

  18. @Kadoh and/or @Katdog – I gave those two comments an up-thumb as a thank you for so kindly and helpfully demonstrating the truth of my observation.

  19. No
    I don’t particularly get triggered. I’m not a co called feminist. I’m a veteran and the daughter of a marine. I TAKE CARE of Our home and my husband is disabled husband with a health problem. FUCK YOU PIG, ARE YOU TRIGGERED? EAT SHIT AND DIE.My mom, I’ve cared for is 92
    Walk a day in my shoes.

  20. Katdog…You write like an Indian (dot not feathers) Man looking for

    American Women to send You pics of “Bobs and Vagenes”

    You’re a Veteran but apparently Yer Dad (crushin ma smokes) Marine

    status put’s Him higher on the food chain than yer own Service..and

    what the hell is a disabled Husband disabled ?

  21. @Katdog – You want me to believe you’re not triggered after you’re written



    You’ve made some assumptions that the real world does not support.

    I took care of both my parents before they passed away in their mid to late 90s. Both were WWII veterans (yes, my mother was a commissioned officer in the Navy as was my submarine skipper father). I help my sister take care of my brother-in-law with Alzheimer’s. Oh, and I’m a veteran, too. U.S. Army, honorably discharged as an E-5 in 1971.

    I say this not to brag about it, because this is simply what loving families do for each other. Your words tell me that you think of yourself as a victim and demand pity and, worse, respect for your victim-hood. In actuality, I do feel pity for you and do respect what you have had to deal with and are today dealing with. But your troubles aren’t unique, and don’t grant you the privilege of demanding anything from others who may well be dealing with the same level of pain and trouble.

  22. Of course you do, Uncle Al. Me too. Also, Claudia, that’s too many points for the old man.

    “All’s fair in love and war.”

    “Women, can’t live with ’em, and can’t successfully refute their arguments.” (Because they’re always right!)

  23. You are th illiterate the triggered asswipe. My husband has a neurological condition. He’s a great person.

  24. I apologize, thus you know how hard if is, but not all women are feminist and are good persons that take care of their families. I am not a victim. I just try to do the right things. I’m m not a piece of crap that so many of the men her want to imh.

  25. addressed to ms. Green: do you have the slightest concept of how difficult it is to regulate temperature in an office building? … particularly one that is over 3 floors? do you know/understand a compressor? condenser? evaporator? recirculation pump? variable-speed drive? mixing box? return duct? riser? cooling tower? MERV rating? return air plenum? BTU? R410A? split system? sling psychrometer? zone system? damper motor? fan coil unit? zone system? 2-stage system? chiller? delta T? … you really have no clue what a challenge it is to actually condition a space to any nominal temperature

    P.S. to ms. Lorenz: I know something else that is ‘unhealthy, bad, miserable’ … wanna guess what it is?

  26. @Katwdog – Apology enthusiastically accepted, and I offer my own to you for going too far in my replies to you.

    I’m glad that I was incorrect in my assumption that you are a feminist in the modern sense of that word. I’m sorry that you have troubles in your life that you have to deal with. We all do, but yours have bitten deep, and that’s very unfortunate.

    Best wishes to you and your husband.

    edit: No, you are definitely NOT a piece of crap. We all occasionally FEEL like crap, but that’s not at all the same thing.

  27. As noted above, air conditioning is a must-have in Houston in the summer, and is often needed in the winter. Not only do different parts of the country have different needs (so a person in one part shouldn’t be telling people in other parts how to live), but also most of today’s office buildings (and homes, for that matter) were NOT built to take advantage of natural air circulation. There are techniques for doing so, but those techniques weren’t used – architects opted instead to fill the building with pipes for air and slap a huge equipment infrastructure next to it to pump that air.

    This really is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heqrd proposed – I’m truly happy I got to 56 years old before I ran across this poppycock.

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