Airline executive says social distancing on airplanes would be nothing more than a ‘PR strategy’

It’s ‘not a safety strategy,’ said company spokesman Josh Earnest, a former Obama press secretary.

An executive for United Airlines on Wednesday dismissed arguments that his company should maintain rigorous social distancing on its flights, calling that argument nothing more than a public relations gambit rather than a true health-and-safety measure. 

Josh Earnest, the company’s senior vice president and its top spokesman, told Business Insider that blocking out middle seats in company airplanes would constitute “a PR strategy,” rather than “a safety strategy.”

Earnest is a former Obama administration press secretary. 

“When you’re onboard the aircraft, if you’re sitting in the aisle and the middle seat is empty, the person across the aisle from you is within six feet of you,” he said. “The person at the window is within six feet of you. The people in the row in front of you are within six feet of you, the people in the row behind you are within six feet of you.” MORE

11 Comments on Airline executive says social distancing on airplanes would be nothing more than a ‘PR strategy’

  1. It is all just a PR strategy. There are no studies that say social distancing or masks work. All complete BS.

  2. I always laughed at Josh Earnest’s name when he was Obama’s spokesperson.

    Josh (verb) to tease playfully.
    Earnest (adjective) resulting from or showing intense conviction

    So, Josh Earnest means I am seriously kidding. Or something like that.

    Perfect name for a leftist.

  3. And once again the sainted Fuckie weighs on on a company’s decision. This guy needs to go away.

    Let’s send him to the next CHOP to help them.

  4. I have very firm plans not to get on a commercial airplane ever again unless someone points a gun at me, and then I’d try to shoot the bastard first and still not get on the plane.

    However, if I should ever change my mind, I’d carry on one of my old CPAP full face masks, it’s air tube, and some duct tape. I figure I could build myself an airway from the overhead vent and breathe nothing but nice, fresh air containing no viruses, body odor, or farts.

  5. Did a 9 month IT Security gig for a major airline at multiple locations some years ago.

    I flew too much and learned way too much for planes and cabin issues.
    The air is as safe as that of being in the middle of a PROTEST MOB ☺☻☺
    Cleaned and Filtered Yes.
    But the cabin filters are not Micro-organism rated.

    TEST: If you can smell the coffee brewing in 1st class it stands to reason you could likely catch a passengers flu or cold 2 or 3 seat rows up.

  6. Proper ‘social distancing’ on an airplane includes at least 1/3 of the passengers sitting on the wings.

  7. in november I flew united airlines to Mexico.
    5 hr flight, 1 biscuit. the flight was PACKED and had non reclining seats to increase capacity.
    worst flight I have been on in 40 years

  8. BUT the mask bullshit.

    Just please everyone get this thing already. For the very very few who actually get seriously ill, follow Dr. Zelensky’s protocols. And let’s be done with this nonsense. There are extremely few deaths from just COVID, and I strongly suspect that most of those were because of medical mismanagement for dollars, shoving people onto death ventilators.

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