Al Franken Has His Own History Of Using Ugly, Offensive Language

DC: Minnesota Sen. Al Franken called President Trump “racist” over the weekend for referring to Sen. Elizabeth Warren — who claims to be part Native American — as “Pocahontas.” Left unmentioned, however, is Sen. Franken’s own history of using ugly and offensive language regarding women and minorities.
While speaking at the White House Correspondents Dinner in 1996, Franken “ridiculed [Gingrich] with a joke about his daughter’s first menstrual period,” The New York Post’s Deborah Orin reported at the time.

The joke was so out-of-bounds that then-Vice President Al Gore personally walked over to Gingrich’s table with an apology, The Weekly Standard noted after the dinner, adding: “Soon after, Gingrich encountered Franken and told him that, were Gingrich not a public figure, he’d have punched the comic out.”

As a writer and comic for Saturday Night Live, Franken helped craft a racist skit advertising a fake toothpaste called “Tarbrush,” meant to darken black people’s white teeth, according to the book “Saturday Night: A Backstage History of Saturday Night Live” by Doug Hill and Jeff Weingrad.

“One sketch written for Garrett was a parody commercial for a toothpaste called ‘Tarbrush,’ which darkened blacks’ supposedly shiny white teeth,” Hill and Weingrad write, adding that two black technicians on the show reportedly walked out due to how offensive the skit was. “We relied on [Morris] to bring some blackness to the show,” Franken told the authors.


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  1. How could this disgusting person be in the United States Senate? You would think it could only happen in a vile SNL skit.

  2. Frankenstein is incapable of being anything more than he is, since he is rotten to the core

    No soul, so has to be the core.

  3. The biggest linguistic error is calling him a “funny man” or “comedian”. He is about as funny as a doctor’s diarrhea during heart surgery.

  4. No snowflake, SJW, feminist, ACLU, NAACP, BLM, gay, queer, gender confused, university, or democrat party outrage, shaming, demonstrations, car burning, looting as free speech, and space to destroy mobs against racist homophobic progressive politician?


  5. Franken is the Senator that illegally voting felons gave us! Recall that over 400 of them voted and he won by like three and change.

    (Crooked) Elections have Consequences!

  6. When he was running for Senator (the first time) didn’t everyone from SNL refuse to come out to help him campaign because he was so heartily disliked by the cast, writers and, well everyone. Maybe the Vice President as part of his investigation into the latest election can have a glance at Franken’s “win” that took his worthless hide to DC in the first place.

  7. I’m really glad that worthless piece of shit is showing his true colors again.
    He held back for YEARS! He and his handlers knew it was the best strategy, after being elected so fraudulently.

    He WILL get his sorry ass to him now that he’s exposed himself again.

  8. You turds don’t see a difference between a man making a personal attack on an empty suit like Gingrich and a guy who perpetuates bigotry and racism? If you think franken’s been holding back you haven’t been paying attention. I don’t blame you for voting for Trump, there’s a lot to be angry about. But you must be feeling a little buyers remorse after this intense period of demonstrable incompetence. I went to college relatively inexpensively because I live in Canada, so although I use all the best words, I worry about you people who have been so thoroughly demoralised and cheated out of healthcare and education that you would turn to a fascist con man for succour. In the future, so that both you and your children can understand this post after DeVos destroys public education in favour of prayer circles, I give you the key:

    noun: succour
    assistance and support in times of hardship and distress.

    verb: perpetuate
    make (something, typically an undesirable situation or an unfounded belief) continue indefinitely.

    adjective: demonstrable
    clearly apparent or capable of being logically proved.

    And of things get really bad, like 8 years of this…

    Noun: turd
    nounvulgar slang
    a lump of excrement.
    synonyms: stool, dung, scat, dropping, trump.

  9. “The Franken & Davis show – brought to you by the Communist Party of America – working for a better tomorrow”
    Actual end of their skit.
    Wrong one died.

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