Al Gore Accused of Sexual Assault – Who Remembers?

An Oregon masseuse filed a complaint accusing Al Gore of sexual abuse following …

a nearly three-hour massage session at an upscale Portland hotel in 2006.


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28 Comments on Al Gore Accused of Sexual Assault – Who Remembers?

  1. AlGore did this in his aspiring filmmaker phase. He imagined himself a Harvey Weinstein but An Inconvenient Truth was a big a flop as Dustin Hoffman’s Ishtar.

    Look for Gore to start sporting a cowboy hat to huckster BBQ sauce.

    Unless he lasers off his sideburns instead and changes his name to Janet.

  2. Release the Kracken, wench!!! It’s pretty pathetic that Al didn’t have any groupies. He had to go after whatever middle aged masseur the hotel might have employed…. He probably would have done better with the busboys.

  3. Tipper remembers. Wasn’t it soon after that she left him –like a self respecting woman would –and unlike so many politically and socially ambitious women who don’t.

  4. Hey Mr Gore-acle, Gore-acle, Gore-acle
    Hey Mr Gore-acle, Gore-acle, Gore-acle

    She met Manbearpig in a Portland Hotel
    Doing massage on a freak
    She said “On my”
    Hey guy, gonna .. let it all fly
    Twitchy, twitchy, ya ya chakra
    Getcha, getcha ya-yas here
    Gore-a Chakra lata ya-yas
    Poodle crazy Manbearpig

    Pullez-vous crankshaft Albert guy, ce swine
    Voulez vous unleash chakra moi

    Poodle-vous sex crazed Albert guy, ce swine
    Toolez-vous release chakra moi

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