Al Gore hates Hillary and the feeling is mutual

PatriotRetort: I’m spending the morning reading the latest release of Podesta emails from WikiLeaks and I found a doozy that makes it clear that Al Gore and Hillary Clinton really do not like each other.

In an email from November 11, 2015, someone named Nora Toiv sends Cheryl Mills an email that quotes People Magazine saying Al Gore is refusing to endorse a candidate for the Demorcatic nomination.

Clearly surprised by this, Cheryl forwards the email to Huma Abedin who replies:

Yes he warned us

Mills answers back:

What did he say to warn?

To which Huma answers:

that he wouldnt endorse this was months ago, close to beginning of campaign

Mills persists:

curiuos [sic] – why?

as he clearly expected her to endorse him as vp when he ran

And then it gets good.

7 Comments on Al Gore hates Hillary and the feeling is mutual

  1. I’ve seen video where Gore was giving her the stink eye. He was in a “safe” position behind her where she couldn’t see him. Hillary is like a rabid wolverine, real easy to hate her.

  2. Actually it is an old feud that began shortly after he stopped working as a paid mourner, invented the internet and moved into his tree-hugging Global warming phase and Hillary told him to go bore a hole in himself and let the sap out!

  3. Who doesn’t hate Hillary? I know the only reason she is the nominee, is because she has been around long enough to know where ALL the skeletons are buried! (Especially, considering that in some way, they are responsible for some of them). Dossiers are very handy to have when coercing endorsements or money.

    A great amount of the democrats really dislike the Clintons because they know just how low-life they are, (and think about that; how low-life must you be to be looked down upon by any politician?) But once you deal with the devil, he owns you.

    Welcome to hell, traitors! Clintons will betray everyone of them and America, as they serve themselves to the world.

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