Al Green will try to impeach President Trump. Again.

Congressional condemnation of racist bigotry is not enough. In Congress, talk is cheap-it’s how we vote that counts. Next week, I will again bring a resolution to impeach @realDonaldTrump. I will put my vote where my mouth is. ”     Story here.


19 Comments on Al Green will try to impeach President Trump. Again.

  1. Secede from these damn dirty apes.

    I’m telling ‘ya, if Hillary had won, you’d be scrambling to find a way to escape.

  2. You gotta figure all the normal Dem congresspeople are just annoyed by this.

    Oh yeah, there used to be some reasonable Dems but they all got pushed out the last few years. So there aren’t any now.

  3. “Secede from these damn dirty apes.”

    Just sayen, I have several friends with a real good tan that are probably as conservative as you. Maybe more. They all served. I hope they don’t read your dumb ass shit.

  4. @💣💥 Mithrandir 💣💥 January 13, 2018 at 11:24 pm

    You write like that series of choices couldn’t be a plan.

  5. They booted his ass out of the GEICO commercials, so somehow he ended up in Congress. Somehow it only figures! :^(

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