AL JAZEERA says Holocaust denial video was a mistake

Daily Caller:

  • Al Jazeera is a major, international TV network that pushes radical Islam in the Arabic language, while appearing liberal in the English language.
  • Both sides of the network have repeatedly espoused anti-Semitism.
  • This week, it apologized for a Holocaust-denying video and blamed two rogue journalists. But history  including holding a party for a terrorist and meeting up with a KKK member to blame 9/11 on the Jews  suggests that it was not an oversight.


The Al Jazeera news network and its AJ+ subsidiary have a long history of anti-Semitism.

The network, which pushes Islamic rhetoric in Arabic but has wrapped itself in progressive liberalism in English, is controlled by the royal family of Qatar.

7 Comments on AL JAZEERA says Holocaust denial video was a mistake

  1. Doesn’t Al Jizzera translate to “TERRORIST” in English? I’m not really sure.

    All bullshit aside you al jazeera motherfuckers are NOTHING but terrorists.

    A mistake? You should ALL hang.

  2. The Taqiyya Network where lies and deceit are their stock in trade.
    It almost makes ya wonder if they’re helping CNN pay the bills as well.

  3. A mistake? Ya think?
    The video was a mistake only in the sense that it let slip the mask of journalism and impartiality that all propaganda (news) networks wear as threadbare cloak that exposes more than it conceals.

  4. It’s not just Al-Jazeera that does this. Almost every Arab will speak to the West calling for peace, demanding one more concession from Israel, one more from the West, more money to ensure peace etc etc and will go right back home and give a speech about driving the Jews into the sea, killing all of them, conquering the west for Islam, killing westeners etc etc etc. I’d call your basic arab a two-faced dog except dogs have a soul and can be relied upon not to stab you in the back. To be fair I’ve met a few I could trust and like but they’ve spent either their whole lives in the west or moved here at an early age and their parents moved west because they couldn’t stand the east.


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