Al Qaeda’s #2 Turned Into #2 By Unknown Assassins In Iran – IOTW Report

Al Qaeda’s #2 Turned Into #2 By Unknown Assassins In Iran


Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah, 58, who was believed to be Al Qaeda’s second-highest leader, was shot and killed by two assassins on August 7 in Iran, intelligence officials confirmed.

No country has publicly claimed responsibility for killing Abdullah. Al Qaeda has yet to announce Abdullah’s death.

Officials say Israeli operatives carried out the attack. It is unclear what role the U.S. played in Abdullah’s killing. More

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  1. …not that it’s not always a great day to make a Muslim into a good Muslim, but I’m guessing the #2 job at Al-qaeda isn’t that hard because they seem to have an endless supply of them, this is, like, the 26th “#2 at Al-qaeda” this year…

    …I imagine it’s kinda like being the guy at a Black church who amplifies the last couple words the pastor says the whole service, like when the pastor says “God is Good!” at the end of a sentence that guy says “GOD BE GOOD!”, but in AQ’s case it’s more like echoing “Death to America” all day long in between beheading helpless people and blowing up unsuspecting folks that have nothing to do with nothing, so you might make a couple of enemies by being so very, very brave as you attack children from behind…

  2. Has Biden apologized to al Qaeda and their benefactor Iran yet?

    Is a suitcase filled with hundreds of millions of dollars already en route?

    Got to get back to fighting “ISIL” in Iraq and funding ISIS in Syria since some generals lied about troop levels and ran a private war for four years and that is somehow not front page news.

  3. @MMinAR:

    I wish.

    Wish there were a couple of Scott Colemans going around DC whacking some of the corruptocrats, too.

  4. Clean up as many of these shit stains as you can now before biden flies over another Hercules full of Cash to fund the next 4 years of “peace”.

  5. I don’t care who is responsible for his death, I’m elated that he’s dead and the person who shot him is a hero.


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