Al Sharpton’s ‘charity’ paid him over a million dollars last year

American Thinker: We taxpayers are underwriting Al Sharpton’s million-dollar pay for ostensibly charitable work with tax deduction subsidies for donors to his National Action Network. The Trump economy evidently has been very, very good for Sharpton, whose “charitable” work yielded an average pay of $283,543 from 2007 through 2016. keep reading

16 Comments on Al Sharpton’s ‘charity’ paid him over a million dollars last year

  1. It continues to be a walking insult to our country and our justice system how Obama waste products (including Obama) walk free after committing gross criminality.

  2. Al Sharpton has recently come into a million bucks…
    The IRS will be delighted to hear this information,
    They will reactivate their collection efforts with interest.

  3. One of these days the shit will finally hit the fan in this country.

    The Battle Hymn Of The Republic draws the right mental pic.

  4. Black Privilege.
    Al is down with the struggle.
    Isn’t he one of the many gas bags that wants to see Trumps Tax returns? I wonder how much longer people will accept these greedy frauds?

  5. (Not like he’ll see this)


    Start tweeting about Al’s tax problems!!!

  6. “…he had sold the rights to his life story to his own charity for $531,000.”

    How is this not illegal. I know AG Barr is busy, but puleeze!!!


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