Alabama Accuser Deletes Anti-Moore Postings from Facebook, Rants About Removing Trump from Office

Breitbart: BIRMINGHAM, Alabama — A woman who alleges that she engaged in a legal and consensual but inappropriate relationship with Republican senatorial candidate Roy Moore has deleted multiple political postings from her Facebook page.

Some of those postings by Deborah Wesson Gibson were critical of Moore while one was related to Moore’s Democratic opponent, Doug Jones.

One posting shows a picture of Gibson with Vice President Joe Biden and says that she did work for him in 2012.  One older version of that image is still on her page while another more recent posting of that same image in response to a posting from Jones’s official campaign Facebook page was removed, but was captured by Breitbart News.

Reached by Breitbart News, Gibson said that she has no comment on the removals of her Facebook posts.

Other posts still active on her page repeatedly urge the immediate removal of President Donald Trump from office and show that Gibson “likes” far-left activist groups.  She also pushed a petition drive to remove Steve Bannon from the National Security Council last February when Bannon was serving as the White House chief strategist.

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21 Comments on Alabama Accuser Deletes Anti-Moore Postings from Facebook, Rants About Removing Trump from Office

  1. I hope somebody goes to jail over this. Enoughs enough. Where are all those woman the Trump sexually abused now? The Liberal mind is a terrible thing and wasted.

  2. Rule number one when when you’re about to create national headlines with lies:
    Scrub you social media accounts before your stunt, not after.

    Why do all these nimrods break that rule?

  3. Moore needs to get ahead of this … or he’s done
    he needs to hold a Presser tomorrow, deny & show evidence of political attacks by his accusers & show them to be politically motivated .. he didn’t do well on the Hannity interview & needs to stop the bleeding


    I think he has until Monday. He should announce a press conference asap for Monday and then set back and watch the conservative blogs over the week end. They are killing these assholes.

  5. If Moore cant get by Mcshitstain, McConjob and HomoGrahm on this horseshit then he would be useless in the senate anyway.

    This is a groundball that should have gained him 5 points instead of lost him points. These whores are a joke. The set-up is as believable as Hillarys claims shes healthy.

    If Moore wins, it will signal to Romney to give it up on Utah.

  6. MOAON LABE. It’s impossible to “do well” when accused by set-up.
    I’ll give him the benefit of doubt. I hope the people of Alabama see through this sham. I’m through with the RNC. I’d hate to be in a foxhole with most of those motherfuckers. They are lower than democrats.

    It’s freaken ridiculous. The GOP has pulled funding. That fucking loser Mike Lee is demanding a retraction in his endorsement and his likeness off of all adds. All the RINO’s are after him to step down. Shit I think they were part of this. Mean while only the White House seems to be paying attention to the news.

  8. Moe Tom ~ don’t disagree w/ ya, he was set up … should have known that going in … but by the way he was saying ‘if I did’ left a big opening for the Media pukes to jump in eagerly … absolutely dumb on his part, imo … & he needs to get ahead of it (but I repeat myself) in a freakin’ hurry

  9. Brad ~ loathe the GOP more than the demonRats … at least the demonRats will stab you in the front & not in the back (that’s why I like Moore ’cause the repukes hate him) … & I agree, the repukes are & have been a part of this

  10. I think Moore was simply being honest with the “if I did, I don’t remember it” statement. He’s not a professional liar like most politicians and he really hasn’t been exposed to the national spotlight like he is now all of a sudden. If his intent was to lie or cover it up, he would have emphatically said “I absolutely never had any contact with these women” and left it at that (like Bill Clinton’s “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”).

    Granted, Moore doesn’t come across as “polished” in his speaking abilities, but knowing actual honest people in rural GA (very similar to AL) I didn’t hear what I would view as any dishonesty or attempts at excuse making.

    I personally don’t remember every girl I kissed or hugged 40 years ago (and I’m 15 years younger than Moore). So if some woman out of the blue told people that I had kissed her 40 years ago I honestly might not remember if I did or not. But if I said “I absolutely did not have any contact at all with that person”, that might not be a fully accurate statement (because I really don’t remember) which some might say was a lie even though I had no intent of being dishonest. I might have had some innocent contact of some kind with the girl, but I don’t remember one way or the other. To say otherwise might not be the complete, absolute, undeniable truth

    In older, southern, Christian gentlemen, there is still some sense of chivalry where they just don’t want to blurt out that someone is outright lying …… especially a woman. In today’s climate in general and in politics especially, this may be misguided, but it is still a possible factor in the way Moore came off when interviewed.

  11. What amazes me is that democrats and the media will rally around any democrat accused of anything, but go for the throat of any republican accused of anything. And the republicans will immediately throw a fellow republican under the bus without even an investigation. WTF!

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