Alabama Dem ad goes really wrong

Diogenes’ Middle Finger: Democrats and Their Alabama Train Wreck

This is *NOT* how you do  outreach to Black voters.


Black voters across Alabama are calling out a campaign flyer with extremely racist underpinnings from Senate Campaign of Democrat Attorney Doug Jones, taking to the Tweeter and pointing out how it’s a ridiculous attempt to mobilize Black voters.

It’s as if the Demsbelieved black people were considering voting for Roy Moore until some brilliant strategist posited: “What if he were black, though?” The flyer is reductive in its oversimplification of the black mind as only caring about black issues.

The Doug Jones for Senate Committee ad, which has gone viral, in part exemplifies the reason the Democrat Party has been marginalized as a party that only exists on the coasts and in urban areas. While the policies of the party may be more progressive and black-friendly, the boobs of the Democrat leadership are really more prejudiced and shortsighted than their southern Republican counterparts, and next week’s Senate election is a perfect example.  read more

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  1. But what about the English language?

    “Think if a black man went after high school girls anyone would try to make him a senator?”

    Diagram that sentence. This is simply ignorant.

  2. THIS is what happens
    WITHOUT a moral compass
    WITHOUT logic
    WITHOUT a brain

    In other words, THIS is what happens with a DEMOCRAT.
    (I need more alcohol)

  3. As sweet (in *every* sense of the word) as Diogenes is,
    the idea of
    “The flyer is reductive in its oversimplification of the black mind as only caring about black issues”
    is off the mark.
    100%…in the sense that it is BECAUSE it assumes this is “the Black issue” which makes it so offensive…dare I suggest…even “racist”!

  4. It’s so sad and retarded. I keep thinking, is this a hoax? But then the Daily Dot, Dem underground and Powerline have the story, too. Have mercy! I can’t stop laughing.

  5. How are Dem’s policies black friendly? Whoever wrote that article needs his head examined along with some facts. Policy after policy from the left have absolutely destroyed the black family.

  6. We watch “Strange Inheritance” while preparing dinner just about every night because it comes on before Dobbs. Last night one of their “fun facts” was that for the 1865 election, the Democrats printed up ballots in the newly-freed south with a picture of Abraham Lincoln on it to fool blacks who could not read. Additionally, nine southern states left Lincoln off the GE ballot altogether. I’m not sure of the timing of these things; there doesn’t seem to be a lot of info out there, but it’s all very interesting to me. Does anyone know about the Lincoln picture ballot?

    All to say: The D’s have been at this sort of thing for a long, long time. It seems that at least since the early 1800’s (1803-1804?), the Democrat Party has been trying to repeal the results of the Revolution and founding of this country. I say we need to push them off the edge of the map completely and if we need to have the loyal opposition, make it the RINO’s. Start an “American Party” and let the Establishment GOP become the oppo. Completely rid ourselves of those anti-American forces who have laid waste to everything they influence.

  7. in the immortal words of Coach Imgwanna Kick Booty … “What cho wanna talk about my record for, man? … how’d I know she was 13? … she tol’ me she was 16 anyway!”

  8. i really dont understand why that despicable KKK party doesnt just haul Moore out to a street corner and hang him. WTF is wrong with people that they even acknowledge the existence of democrats and their spawn, BLM and antiFa-ther.

  9. I’m waiting for the Dem’s version on Roy Moore
    of the “Blazing Saddles” famous quote:
    “Where da White wimmens at?!”

    Popcorn, popcorn, über alles!

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