Alabama Secretary of State: If State GOP Pulls Support for Moore and He Gets the Most Votes, Election Would Be ‘Null and Void’


On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Fox News @ Night,” Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill (R) said that the Alabama Republican Party can formally pull its support for its Senate nominee Judge Roy Moore, and if this happens and Moore still gets the most votes, the election would be null and void.

Merrill said Moore could withdraw from the race, or the state Republican Party could formally pull its support. He further stated that if that happens and Moore receives the most votes, “our election would be declared null and void, and Governor Ivey would have to call another special election, and we’d start the process all over again.”

Merrill commented on the prospect of Governor Ivey delaying the certification of the election results, and said he would be “very surprised,” if this happened, seeing as it would be “unprecedented in the history of the state for that to occur after the results of the people were made known. It would be very unusual.”


He added that Ivey has already changed the election date already, but that was done before the process had begun.

Merrill concluded that if the current seatholder, Senator Luther Strange (R-AL), resigned before the election, “[T]he governor would certainly have to appoint someone to fill that term that Senator Strange is currently completing. Of course, the way that our code reads is that the individual who is in that role would continue to serve until at such a time that the senator was duly elected and duly sworn in to fulfill the commitment as the junior senator from the state of Alabama. So, in the instance that you just described, Senator Strange would no longer be in the picture. However, that individual who was in that role would continue until this election was completed and certified.”  Watch

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  1. Translation: “We can change the rules as we go along as long as it shafts the people and denies them what they really want.”

    An elected official declaring the will of the people null and void? They must really want a revolution.

  2. This is a lot of baloney, intended to scare voters into not “wasting” their votes. It was the same damn thing the RNC tried to pull on Trump and his voters by threatening to turn the votes at the convention and install their own candidate. The old party is gasping its dying death rattle and they know it. Bannon said he was cutting McConnel’s oxygen off.

  3. If the state GOP pulls its support and Moore still wins how could the election be declared null and void? Wouldnt a vote for an abandoned Moore be the same as the people voting in a write -in candidate? The elections are not owned by the parties.

  4. thank god the msm supported all mine and the wardens perversions so we didn’t have to go through this trial by innuendo in public.

    imagine if the msm and the democrat party had gone all “holier than thou” on me when I was getting lewinski’s in the oval.

    when your a pervert in public office, it makes a difference whether you have a d or an r after your name.

  5. It shows that what the people want doesn’t matter anymore.
    We elected the President, Liberals didn’t like, they’re “resisting” and creating chaos.
    The Gay Mafia is orchestrating and deciding who will govern this country. They have all the means and opportunities to spread their ideology.

    Years ago I read a book, “This Present Darkness”, it’s fiction, but it’ seems very appropriate for current events, it’ gives an idea of the kind of battle we are facing.

  6. So much for the land of the free and the home of the brave where every child can grow up to be president.

    Not if you want to be an R.

    My country and yours, if not gone, has packed her bags, bought the ticket, and is standing on the tarmac waiting for the boarding call.

  7. So much for the land of the free and the home of the brave where every child can grow up to be president.

    Not if you want to be an R.

    My country and yours, if not gone, has packed her bags, bought the ticket, and is standing on the tarmac waiting for the boarding call.

    And the aliens providing the travel arrangements have this book in their hands that is strangely labelled “humanity.”

  8. Moore has been removed from office by the establishment twice. We (Alabama) keep putting him back in. He won’t give up and neither will we. Fuck em’

  9. ABC is now saying that in the 1970s Moore was banned from a shopping mall in Gadsden due to his predatory behavior. They offered no source for this information. Very odd that a DA would be banned and no other action taken against a public official. Fishy.

  10. So…the AL SoS has declared his membership in the GOPe.
    I wonder if he’s even *technically* correct on this, though.

    Smells like head fake.
    Though, I’m sure they’ll have other tricks
    they’ll pull after Moore wins.

    I really hope Radio Matt is right…enough “silencing”.

  11. DemoCRAP Crap in action! Make outrageous charges (the more outrageous the better) and see what sticks to the wall and creates doubt. Then double down on that doubt with more outrageous charges until victory is achieved!

  12. Mo Brooks says he’ll vote for Moore.

    The yearbook sig is a patent forgery.

    Just like Mueller’s indictments, the Uniparty led with their best lies on Friday. Now they’re just dealing from the bottom of their pack of lies, in the hope that the media will hide the debunking. Alabama voters will not be fooled, Uniparty.

    I reckon the Prog Uniparty is starting to regret that 17th Amendment…

    “The 17th Amendment, ratified in 1913, was part of a wave of progressive constitutional reforms that sought to make the Constitution, and our nation, more democratic. It gave Americans the right to vote directly for their Senators, thereby strengthening the link between citizens and the federal government.”

  13. Allegations are easy to make and hard to prove after 30 or 40 years. This slimy attack on Moore stinks to high heaven, especially now that Gloria Allread, a female version of Al Sharpton, has gotten involved. What was that little thingy about innocent until proven guilty? I’m unsure of the statue of limitations on molestations but I assume its come and gone. I don’t understand why almost every RINO has pre judged Moore are actively involved in undermining this election. Is one straight shooting conservative that scary to the swamp critters?

  14. What law is he citing? What Alabama state law allows them to do this? What election law allows the SoS to pull this stunt? Or the State GOP? He is a lawyer but didn’t cite to any law. This is meant to bully the voters.

  15. Powell v McCormick a Supreme Court case, Congress tried to not seat a elected congress person. The decision states, only prosecuted and convicted crimes while being a sitting member of congress can take away the rights of the voters. How do they get around a Supreme Court Decision.

  16. “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed”

    What is the claim of a government that overrules the ballot box to consent of the governed? What is its claim to just powers?

  17. Dadof4 — The RNC did pull it’s support of Trump. Priebus made the statement that the RNC would not bequeath the infrastructure of the national and state parties to him should he get the nomination. First time in the history of the party this was threatened, as far as I know. But it was a lot of baloney and a threat to Trump’s voters not to waste their votes on him. They’re doing the same thing, now, to Moore. The RNC’s motto and creed is Kiss the Ring or Die. This is why we have to take over the party and Bannon, Gorka and a lot of others are doing just that — one election at a time. That’s why all conservatives need to be involved and fight against the current Republican machine.

  18. One other thing: The certification of the election results is an auditing function by the Secy of State, not a political call. I believe the SoS would be well outside his/her legal powers to nix a duly elected and otherwise legally sound citizen from claiming their rightful election to office.

  19. These threats are all bluff. They are hoping the voters really are that stupid.

    The great thing about the Internet is these accusations can be refuted and debunked easily, often within hours.
    If we still had a MSM monopoly, these false accusations would be enshrined as Fact and Moore would have no platform to protest.

    The local elected DA, powerful and popular, banned from entering a small town’s only Mall by the local min-wage mall guard?

    If they hurry, maybe the Uniparty’s smear specialists can whip up a Cannibalism accusation. Or maybe an accuser who will reveal that Moore is an alien reptilian Gorn extraterrestrial invader, who kidnapped her and anally probed her in orbit aboard the Gorn Reptile Command Ship.
    Allread can call a presser with an artists rendering of Moore in reptile form, holding their Amnesia Paralysis Weapon.

    McConnell can announce that, if true, the Senate will refuse to seat a 9 foot alien reptile sent here to conquer the planet.
    Because even the Senate has limits.

  20. It’s starting to look more and more like President Trump is the only candidate for any office I’ll ever vote for again.

    I’m 60 and never missed an election, but now, I realize I’ve been duped into the believing we have a “two party system”, we have nothing of the sort.

  21. Dado
    They did pull that rabbit out. Just look at how many RINOs appear to not accept OUR duly elected President and are trying to void his Presidency. It would appear they wer more than willing to continue the charades of passing Obamacare repeals,knowing they would never be signed. They would appear to be willing to lose their majorities and become the opposition party rather than to actually lead.

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