Alabama will not accept Syrian refugees

WashingtonTimes: Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley, citing the Paris terror attacks, said he will not accept Syrian refugees in his state.

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In a statement released Sunday night by his office, Mr. Bentley said he “will not place Alabamians at even the slightest, possible risk of an attack on our people.”  MORE


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  1. I appreciate the gesture and wish that Gov Abbott would say the same thing but unless these “syrian” refugees don’t know how to drive, it really doesn’t matter.

    Didn’t those nuts that tried to kill people at Pam Geller’s draw Mohammed in Garland start out in AZ?

    What really matters is that Trump has promised, if elected, they’re going back.

  2. How soon before this traitorous boy king sics his doj lackey, lynch, on Alabama? It’s a game of inches now. He will disrupt the governor’s plans through the courts just long enough to get his people in there.

  3. Arkansas won’t take any either.

    “As Governor I will oppose Syrian refugees being relocated to Arkansas.”
    — Gov. Asa Hutchinson (@AsaHutchinson) November 16, 2015

    Every State has to stand up and stop them. Phone calls and letters from voters do help.

  4. Connecticut Governor Malloy doubled down on STUPIDITY!
    Connecticut Governor Malloy says CT will continue to accept Syrian refugees.

  5. WA state is run by stoopid Dems. I’m sure out dumb Governor will gladly take all the refugees that the other states reject. There are lotsa targets around Seattle to choose from but I’m sure they all will put aside their evil intentions for fair trade espresso and locally sourced produce.

  6. Buckeyes say oh hell no. (Good on, Gov. Kasich).

    Even though the bald ones have heads that look like Buckeyes…

  7. Bentley is a pos. trying to make himself look good. The last I checked Alabama was not even on the list to receive any of these so-called refugees.

  8. Gov. Jay Inslee of the State of Washington is a major league dumbass for even thinking of allowing even 1 of these refugees into my state. I’m beginning to miss Chris Gregoire. Inslee is a putz. Butch Otter the governor of Idaho has also said he doesn’t want any of these refugees in Idaho, good for him. I have nothing but contempt for Inslee.

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