Alaska: Anchorage Brings Bathroom Issue Directly to Voters


DANGEROUS: Next week voters in Anchorage, Alaska will weigh in on Proposition 1.

If passed, the legislation would permit the municipality, employers, public accommodation, “and other persons” to set sex-specific standards for entry to locker rooms, showers, changing rooms, spas, and restrooms.

The vote is taking place by mail and ballots must be postmarked by April 3. Anchorage is home to over 40 percent of Alaska’s total population.

Proposition 1 defines sex as an immutable characteristic determined by “anatomy and genetics at the time of birth,” but also allows birth certificates as evidence of a person’s sex. The birth certificate exception allows transsexuals, who have had genital reconfiguration surgery, to use opposite sex facilities if they have had their sex changed on their birth certificate, which is legal in 47 states.

In contrast, the new rights push for transgender activists mostly has been about allowing men who keep their genitals access to women’s restrooms and showers. This has raised concern about the heterosexual contingent of transgenders called “autogynephiles.” Autogynephilia, coined by psychologist Ray Blanchard, is a chronic, progressive condition induced by the repetition of a masturbation ritual boys begin in their teens involving fantasizing they are women.

Autogynephiles agitate for the right to use women’s restrooms and showers because they are sexually aroused just by entering them, psychologists say.

On the other hand, testosterone hormone therapy makes transgender-identified women look so masculine they can usually use mens’ rooms without being challenged.   more here

14 Comments on Alaska: Anchorage Brings Bathroom Issue Directly to Voters

  1. I’m still trying to get a grip on Prop # ONE! WTF? What’s prop 5? NADA. Que the Martin Mull yellow snow song.

  2. Voters should make the decision. Had abortion been settled by votes or gay marriage it all would be less controversial and localized.

  3. Liberal judges will slap it down in the court system. Same thing happened every time gay marriage was put on the ballot

  4. Autogynephilia.. that’s an interesting one.

    A dude is standing there cock in hand pissing and some chick comes up and sits on the urinal next to him, or maybe straddles it forwards, and she starts pissing. He gets off. What’s the special word for that?

  5. Anytime the daughter needs the head and the wifey ain’t around, I escort her inside and stand outside the stall.

    Go ahead and piss me off.

  6. And then when bathroom segregation is voted overwhelmingly into law, the marxist faggot league will file a lawsuit and win by default. Same goddamn script, every fucking time.

  7. “Autogynephilia, coined by psychologist Ray Blanchard, is a chronic, progressive condition”
    Why do progressives have more “conditions” than a dog has fleas?

  8. Question: How can you tell Psychologists from the insane nuts they create and then nurture?

    Answer: You can’t!


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