Alaska: Mid-air collision kills GOP state lawmaker, 6 others

FOX: ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Seven people, including an Alaska state lawmaker, died Friday when two small airplanes collided in midair near the airport in Soldotna, a small community on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula.

Alaska State Troopers said state Rep. Gary Knopp, 67, of Kenai was the sole occupant of one plane. The other plane was flown by a local pilot, and carried a guide from Kansas and four people from South Carolina.

“This is an unfathomable tragedy for multiple families today,” Alaska Department of Public Safety Commissioner Amanda Price said. “Troopers and partner agencies have worked together diligently at the scene and have reached out to next of kin to notify them of this heartbreaking incident.” more

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  1. God bless and comfort those 7 families, and see them through the diffcult days ahead.

    Were they controlled flights? Did the small planes have altitude transponders, TCAS, the sorts of things we take for granted on the big guys?

    Was this GOP rep talking about info he had on Democrats before the flight?

    Sorry about the last, but in the ugly, no-holds-barred, the ends justifies the means, by any means necessary, Godless political world that Democrats have created and murdered BEFORE in, one HAS to wonder about these things…

    …collateral damage means nothing to them. The Clintons have murdered planeloads of people to stop the testimony of one man in the past, so I have no doubt it would not bother them now, or ever in the future…

  2. Was a time when the two most dangerous things known to man were a stewardess with a chipped tooth and a doctor or lawyer with a Twin Bonanza

    Now you why I don’t comment that often…

  3. I hope the families find comfort in the arm’s of the Lord, in their time of sorrow. 🕊️❤️🙏

  4. I’m with Anymouse.

    Although I normally wait for some NTSB info first, some mo-fo clearly believed in the ‘big sky’ theory.

    Cough cough, old professional dude in a twin engine cough cough..

  5. The most basic concept behind Visual Flight Rules [VFR] is see and be seen. One of those pilots was not paying attention to what was around him. Soldatna is a fight service station.
    Fuel, repairs, maps, no tower. no radar, runway only.

  6. One of those planes had 6 or 7 people on it…..sightseeing.

    The other plane had some old dude in it who’s used to running things.

    I’m not passing judgement or anything cough cough old bastard flying alone cough cough. But 12 pairs of eyes looking around seems like a bigger number than 1 pair of eyes. Dunno’, maybe the single pilot had giant minion sized eyes and could see 360…

    Or, most likely, this is the work of that motorcycle killing arsonist….covid-19.

  7. I am reminded of the John John Kennedy Screen Saver.

    Got it in an e-mail and downloaded it.

    Looked at it and it was nothing more than my same screen saver, but blue shaded across the screen. thought what’s this? Just color and then a few bubbles came up from the bottom to the top of the screen. Then a few more, then a little fish swims by, then another, well you get the picture. Laughed my ass off.

    I don’t have to be instrument rated I’m a Kennedy!

  8. Dude….hahahahaha.

    But this Alaska deal…sightseeing planes have the wing on top, twin Aztecs or Beechcrafts have the wing on the bottom.

    Simple case of someone dropping in on top of someone else.

  9. I dunno Aaron Burr….you seem to be an ‘I did it all, seen it all’ kind of guy…maybe you have. Good on you…..I’ve seen two herring spotters, in radio contact with each other, both crash and die…..I personally was a passenger on a two seater pontoon boat that lifted off of the Kasilof river unannounced and relying on visuals. We got back with the canoe on the pontoon. (HEH, that should be a song)….You seem to know a whole bunch of stuff that I certainly can’t or anybody else can….* cough cough*….

  10. Guide and four others…

    Question the sight seeing thing.

    Believe many fall hunting seasons opened today or maybe remote Salmon fishing. Dream of a lifetime trip ended tragically.

  11. Willy, my story is always the same. Grew up on Marine air bases. My dad was the X.O. and then the C.O. of El Toro. I flew out of John Wayne when it was O.C. Regional. Mostly to Catalina island. When I was 13 14 15 16.

    The only thing I’ve flown recently was an ultra light.

    As for the rest, I worked in nightclubs on two continents. The I went to University in S.F. Then I played in a band. Then I worked on a fishing boat off Avila pier. Drove a meat delivery truck for a while…had vegan roommates…enjoyed leaving cows tongues in the fridge.

    Traveled some more. Wrote some comic books. Worked out of D.C. got married, had kids, bought propertie in Arizona, built some additions and put in a lawn and now I work on old American cars and shovelheads.

    Seems like a normal life. You know….for someone who’s pretty fuggin’ awesome.

  12. Anymouse nails it!!!!….Reds, Pinks, Doggie salmon are gonna be done in the next 3 weeks….Kings are always a wild card, but the silver salmon run is just about to start along with the hunting seasons….sight seeing?…maybe with another purpose….*only Aaron Burr knows for sure*….cough cough….

  13. THANKS AARON!…..Now I have something to aspire to! alas, I’m too old….My previous years of life have been void of meaning and importance….Ok, I’m gonna let my dogs out the back door now…one of them might want to poop….

  14. :Note to self:

    Dumb everything down for willy.

    You’re right. It was probably the sky god who smote down those evil nature defying planes.

    Possibly some form of airborne covid virus…. with like giant bat wings.

  15. LOL @ Aaron Burr……you have to tell me to fuck off or your second tier to BB….Dumb it down is much too like Fauchi….I don’t want to debate you about what ducks eat….It’s been done. and don’t get me started on ducks with face masks…..

    If you have better knowledge about that specific plane crash…spill it, or wait for the report or shut up…..Sorry man…Hell, who knows who you are or if you’re real and not a character based on Boyd Coddington, Eddie Rickenbacker or Snoopy as the red barron…..I think you might have posted a few years ago as Cardigan or Nosferatu, who knows….

  16. @Willy, don’t waste your time on that douche bag Aron , he’s an asshole. A fucking moron, a bitch of the highest order. I just skip over his bullshit, because everything he says is bullshit, did he tell you about the time he saw a shark bite a woman’s head off? What a fucktard.

  17. Aaron

    It’s the Hillbilly attack. They’re dangerous in twos. And you’re not dumbing it down quite enough yet. Can you post pictures?

    When my wife was pregnant with our third son she had a highly recommended OB/GYN. A total dick. He augured in.

  18. There will be an official report but you all have to realize that flying in Alaska is quite different compared to the lower 48 (uh, 49 including Hawaii I guess). Unless someone from the scene has reported that the Otter was a sightseeing plane, it probably wasn’t. Those planes are the delivery vans up there. With the long distances and roads impassable for a lot of the year, much normal business and just getting around is done by small planes and bush pilots. Few airports are controlled, it’s 99% VFR. (I made that number up; simply assume a very high percentage.) No radar, no controllers, just get in the plane and take off keeping an eye out for other traffic.

    I hope there were some eyewitnesses so we might find out what actually happened, but all I expect is educated guesswork.

    (Credentials: #1 — I have a lot of air time…in hang gliders. I was most of the way through getting my private pilot ticket when I simply got fed up with all the FAA bureaucracy crap. It’s almost like driving on the interstate where the cars in front AND in back of you are troopers, and there’s a bear in the air watching from overhead, all the time. [[edit: It didn’t help that I was flying out of Montgomery County Air Park and flying around Washington, D.C., which has an UNFREAKINGBELIEVABLE amount of over-controlled and prohibited airspace. ]] #2 — I spent a fair amount of time with my late ex-brother-in-law lived in Wasilla, the town where Sarah Palin got her start in politics. He was a pilot of airplanes, snow machines, and dog sleds.)

  19. Alaska is a GREAT place. There are more private planes and float planes in Alaska than any place on the planet. Shit happens up there. I’ve covered most of Alaska in small and float planes. There is nothing like being loaded down with gear and just clearing the trees in a float plane coming out of a river. Talk about puckering up. Beavers are awesome planes, never been on a twin Otter with floats but that would be a great plane. We used to fly twin Otters off of ice runways and when you have a headwind they don’t need much more than 200 yards of runway.

  20. @Rick…..I know…..I just used to enjoy Aaron’s sense of humor and I used to enjoy Bad_Brad’s knowledge of certain things like guns….Pretty fun senses of humor until you disagree with them….ie: “The Hillbilly attack”…..LOL WTF does that even imply?…..It doesn’t matter to me Rick, I’m here for fun and humor and insight that inspires and educates me….I don’t remember ever calling people names on this website…maybe a couple of fuckoffs back to BB, but he started it mom…LOL….Aaron just kind of called me dumb, so I want to annoint him with one of the BB fuckoffs that I’ve earned. This time I will say fuck off please……I don’t know Rick. I got addicted to this website for the humor, satire, sarcasm and to meet chicks….At my age 3 out of 4 ain’t bad….HEH, ain’t that a song?….just relax a bit Rick….everybody is an asshole sometimes…HEH, that’s another song….

  21. Live from iOTWReport, it’s Saturday Night Fights!!

    Heh. Yeah, when you guys attack each other, please keep it hilarious with classy references that make people laugh! You know, Johnny Carson grade humor. Early SNL is okay, too. “Jane, you ignorant slut!” Just remember, it must have high entertainment value.

  22. Hey Rick….give Bad_Brad one of the Fuck offs I’ve earned from BB in the past….Now, watch….Why do call him BB?….because that’s the size of his brain….That’s a joke BB. an innocent locker room type joke…settle, settle…..I don’t want to be rag dolled….It’s good OL’ men type humor…hillbilly even, humor…..I just might be a hillbilly. I was raised in south Denver, ya’ll….

  23. Willy seems like an odd duck. Brad may be a little rough around the edges but I like that. I like most people, Willy, Brad, A-A-Ron, etc, but I don’t want to be in between them.

  24. Willy, I wrote that I saw the aftermath of the shark attack. You know, blood in the water, stuff like that. You can look it up quite easily on this thing called the internet. Avila Beach California 2000 something.

    I can’t help it if you get mad at me. I figur it’s some sort of no-homo envy.

    Rick. No idea what his deal is. Unless he’s 160. Seems to make as much sense as the Armenian genocide people.

    And again, I still like erry’ body and am mad at no one.

    Possibly because I’m an adult. Or super cool. I’m good either way.

    But I’ll tell ya’ what. I do indeed know a little Aaron Burr goes a long way.

    So… I’ll go take a powder and you can run wild and free. Same goes for Rick. I have enough projects in the shop to keep me busy for weeks. Plus, Dale from shipping is still M.I.A so I can mop floors while I’m at it.



  25. I hope an accurate determination of this accident can be made, information gleaned and passed on to other pilots, so this kind of accident never happens again. Wishful thinking I know, but this happens all to often in Alaska. God speed to those lost souls and condolences to the families.

  26. Mornin’ Aaron….yeah, don’t go away. I enjoy your humor. I just questioned your assumption that the guy flying alone caused the accident and I thought I did it politely while using your sense of humor *cough cough*….Oh well, I’m just here for the fun, wit, wisdom and sarcastic humor….Meeting chicks would be a bonus…

    PS, I like my new nickname that Joe6pak offered up!…LOL…

  27. 61 years ago when I learned to fly rule #1 was head and eyes never stop moving!
    1st thing to look for was other ships. #2 was a place to crash land – not near telephone poles and power lines.

    My teacher had 15 years prior been a “white nationlist, racist” Flying Tiger who the NYT said many times in ’44 + ’45, killed Japs because he was a racist!

    I have “walked away” from each and every landing!

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