Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan (R) : We Can’t Build ‘a Simple Road’ Without ‘Radical Extreme Environmental Groups’ Suing Us

CNS: Members of Congress who claim that building “a simple road” in his state will harm wildlife, like the porcupine caribou, “don’t know what they’re talking about,” Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan (R) told in an exclusive interview last Wednesday.

“No offense to my colleagues here, but they don’t know what they’re talking about,” Sen. Sullivan said. “There was this notion that the porcupine caribou herd was going to be hurt by a road – that’s literally absurd. That was the big thing that everyone was saying when we built the trans-Atlantic pipeline system and the caribou herd increased four-fold.”

“So, a lot of this, unfortunately, I think is driven by their desire to fundraise and environmental groups’ desire to fundraise off this kind of stuff, so it’s a never-ending battle,” Sullivan said.

“These issues pop up on a regular basis, where you have, you know, my colleagues, but to be honest, most of my Democratic colleagues who take a lot of interest in what I think is shutting down building infrastructure, resource development in my state,” Sullivan told “It frustrates me and it’s kind of across-the-board in a number of issues.”

“The irony, of course, is that Alaska has the highest environmental standards of literally, probably anyplace in the world – for resource development, for oil and gas development, for mining, for building roads. And yet, as I like to say, we’re a resource-rich, but infrastructure-poor state,” Sullivan said. read more

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  1. The point isn’t to save the caribou, or even to fund raise; it is to stop all growth and ruin the economy. This shit started with Stalin and has taken on a life of its own.

  2. Try building or extending a pipeline in Canada. It would be nice is US fraudsters like Tom Steyer would stop funneling money to extremist and native groups (who don’t live anywhere even close to a pipeline) and political parties (well, really just the NDP) to stop us from moving more of our oil to both coasts to open up markets so that he and his fellow crooks can to continue to make money off “green energy” scams.

    By the way Senator, stop prefixing statements critical to your fellow politicos with “No offense to my colleagues here”. They aren’t your colleagues, they aren’t your friends but they are opposed to solid economic growth because it would their plans to turn the US into a third world mudhole with them at the top.

  3. It’s not just the ideologues who are the problem. We’ve also got the partnership between ideologue bureaucrats and fraudulent environmentalist groups and NGOs.

    The wackos file suit to stop what they claim is a violation of some enviro law or regulation (most are regulations). Before the case goes before a judge, the wackos negotiate a cash settlement agreement with the EPA, Dept. of Interior, Army Corps of Engineers, or whatever govt group is proposing the do something – anything – subject to debate no matter how lame.

    The result is cash flowing from us taxpayers, through govt agencies staffed by environmentalists and/or crooks, and into the bank accounts of highly paid execs of so-called non-profit associations. I have read credible accounts of the bureaucrats and enviros planning – conspiring – colluding to make sucking the cash teat as quick and easy as possible.

    Follow the money.

    Can you say “RICO” my friends?

  4. They want a return to the Pre industrial days when we had clean water, clean air and no buildings or roads to mar Earth’s beauty; and a lifespan of 25 years

  5. Hey Sully, with all that virgin land no man has ever set foot on can’t you find a way to help those activists “get lost” in the wilds of Alaska. I have friends up there that can help you out if needed.

  6. Enviro whackos are great for the economy
    don’t cha know.5 million acres of fruit & nut
    tree groves lay fallow,but the tiny bait fish
    the Snail Darter is doing just fine…

  7. Congress sets aside hundreds of millions of dollars to pay those who successfully sue the government. Stop rewarding bad behavior and this problem will go away.

  8. Requests for Proposals loaded with pork for negotiating purposes. Plaintiff sues to remove item of pork. Judge agrees. Plaintiff handsomely rewarded. Still wonder why environmentalist sue the government?

  9. Simple, offer to meet the organizers of the road blocking groups at large conference center. When they arrive, lock all exits, and then release a bunch of polar bears into the place. It’s Nature baby… What right will they have to complain?


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