Alec Baldwin Discharged Prop Gun That Killed Cinematographer, Injured Director On Movie Set

Deadline: The Santa Fe Sheriff’s Department confirmed Thursday night that Alec Baldwin “discharged” the prop gun that killed one Rust crew member and injured director Joel Souza on the set of the Western feature film on location in New Mexico.

Director of photography Halyna Hutchins died not long after being transported to a hospital in Albuquerque, NM this afternoon. Souza remains in the hospital.

Here’s the full statement from the Santa Fe Sheriff’s department:

Santa Fe County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the Bonanza Creek Ranch movie set of the western “Rust”, October 21, 2021, when an 911 caller reported a shooting on the set. 

The sheriff’s office confirms that two individuals were shot on the set of Rust. Halyna Hutchins, 42, director of photography and Joel Souza, 48, director, were shot when a prop firearm was discharged by Alec Baldwin, 68, producer and actor.  MORE

70 Comments on Alec Baldwin Discharged Prop Gun That Killed Cinematographer, Injured Director On Movie Set

  1. Because a dumb ass like this guy failed to employ rule number one on safe handling of a firearm.

    Always point in a safe direction. Doesn’t matter if it’s a “prop”.

  2. Trying to understand why a “prop gun” was capable of firing anything. Ammunition is another question. There were several mistakes to make this SNAFU.

  3. Tomorrow’s MSM headline: “Trump’s apparent 2024 run distracted Baldwin so it was impossible to properly check the prop weapon”.

  4. “Because the gun misfired”. Meaning when that Libtard Bitch squeezed the trigger it functioned as it was designed. Proper headline,”Alec Baldwin misfired again”. the fucking ignorant bitch just killed someone. Will he freak out and repent? Fuck no, he’ll do a commercial demanding more gun control next week. Stone cold serious. Guns don’t kill people ignorant fucking elitist actors kill people. Ya think hes sitting around tonight thinking “fuck me. I just killed someone”. Nope. He’s thinking “those damn guns killed someone”. Even though they were firing blanks. This Mother Fuckers a waist of skin. Wada piece of shit.

  5. If someone as well intentioned as Baldwin could accidentally kill and injure someone then it’s clear we need to outlaw movies with guns!

  6. Baldwin is the #1 careless asshole here, but a close #2 is the armorer. He should have sole control of even prop firearms when not actively in play while shooting a scene. Why was Baldwin in possession so that he could play with it?

    I’m not trying to minimize that jerk Alec’s responsibility for the shooting, I’m just saying there’s another jerk who needs horse whipping (at a minimum).

  7. Maybe the prop guy hates Baldwin and hoped he’d shoot himself. Somebody wanted something bad to happen.

  8. But, it’s got blanks? (That contains propellants that explode) Never point a firearm at anyone loaded or not. I’ll take it and hit you over the noggin so you remember. Good lord I despise stupid ignorant dangerous people.

  9. Shot and killed one person and wounded another. It’s a Cowboy show so one would think he was holding a six shooter. So many questions:
    *what prop master would load a gun with live ammo?
    *why was Alec pointing a gun at the director of photography?
    *after Alec shot and killed the director of photography why would he pull the hammer back, point it at someone else and then pull the trigger? I mean the first one you can say “I didn’t know the gun was loaded” but then “and so I just needed to make sure it was me so I pointed the gun at someone else just to make sure I was not in a nightmare and son of a bitch- nope- welcome to real life, I mean my real life that director of photography- she’s dead”

    Whenever I go target shooting I often think about what it must be like on a moive set. I’ve often thought if I was required to point a gun at someone I would insist that I personally oversee the prop master loading the said gun. I’m sure Alec bragged at his Hollywood parties “the only time I have ever held a gun was when I was contractually obligated to and then only when it was time to shoot the scene”.

  10. Brad said it perfectly.
    Did C*ntwin substitute live rounds for blanks with paper wadding instead of bullets? I would be looking at him under a microscope. Not his fault – Trump’s fault, the gun’s fault, etc.

  11. Uncle Al

    I’m almost willing to guarantee you there wasn’t a hot round that would fit into any caliber single action army you would use on a western production. I can see security guards carrying hot rounds. Most likely 9 mil or 40 cal. Because they’re gay.
    There was a real popular 80’s series that was cut short because the lead actor put a prop gun to his head and squeezed the trigger.
    I;m hoping for more factual info, probably not, but Tsunami hit the nail on the head, soy boys and faggots should not be around weapons.

  12. Deadline article: “The castmember, now identified as Baldwin, was unaware of the type of ammunition in the gun, we’re told.”

    Well, dang, Deadline, now we’re ALL aware that we’re unaware: anybody reading your article, plus yourselves because you obviously don’t know either.

    I’m assuming, perhaps incorrectly, that it was one discharge and that whatever came out of the barrel of that gun injured one person and went on to kill another. Just what kind of “prop” ammo, as distinct from normal everyday gun store ammo, would do that? And what depraved negligent jerk would load a movie prop gun with it?

    @Brad — “Most likely 9 mil or 40 cal. Because they’re gay.” *sigh* I sure would like a Hi-Power in 10 mil.

  13. Pelopidas

    “Shot and killed one person and wounded another. It’s a Cowboy show so one would think he was holding a six shooter. So many questions:”

    Ever try and shoot a Single Actin Army from the hip? It’s an acquired skill. Alexa couldn’t hit shit. Just sayen.

  14. Hey Alec!
    Has Donald Trump ever killed anyone like you just did?

    Hey Alec!
    Has Donald Trump ever gotten a bunch of people killed like Biden Did?

    Can’t wait to see your NEXT SMUG SKIT on Saturday Night Dive you reckless fat slob. By the way, If you actually knew firearms, even blanks can kill at close range you fucktard!

  15. Knew a guy that provided guns to movie sets.

    Even cotton 5 inches from the barrel with a “blank” CAN KILL.

    A drywall Hilti or Ramset is a .22 cal nail gun.
    The only thing different is that unless you push the Barrel against something hard like concrete it will not fire. Think of it like the Beaver tail on a 1911 but with forward barrel pressure.

  16. “the safety of our cast and crew remains our top priority.”

    I’m sure Halyna Hutchins and family are breathing a sigh of relief.

    NOT. Idjits.

  17. Did he fire one round that hit two people, or did he fire at least two rounds? I s’pose there will be a bunch of poor Alec stories coming out. We are a sick country right now.

  18. Knowing Baldwin’s propensity for immaturity, lack of self control, violence and anger issues, I wonder if he was either horsing around (no pun intended) between scenes, or was pissed at the director of photography, and pointed the gun at her and pulled the trigger on an impulse, and accidently killed her. Being a film location, there should have been at least one camera rolling all the time. This should be interesting. Too bad for the victims.

  19. What I know about firearms wouldn’t even fill 1/8th of the back of a stamp. I do however have common sense. None of what has been reported here, about the events leading up to this tragedy, indicate that anyone involved had even one iota of it.

  20. Uncle Al

    Love the hell out of any weapon john Browning had anything to do with. To the best of my knowledge he never chambered the High Power in 10 mil. You don’t strike me as a small man. So when we finally meet I will bring my Les Baer Thunder Ranch Special so you can shoot and grin. And I will sit back and enjoy.

  21. Mrs R, Baldwin is an arrogant, sanctimonious prick who knows more than anyone on any subject.
    You can tell by his actions that he feels he is above all.
    Smug bastard deserved to shoot himself.

    Hopefully this will drain that asshole’s bank account in a civil suit.

  22. “What I know about firearms wouldn’t even fill 1/8th of the back of a stamp. ”

    LOL, still more than Alexa. Except when it comes to killing your enemies.

  23. The bottom line is, Alec Baldwin was in control of a firearm. He pulled the trigger at least once. One person is dead, one person is wounded. Good night Alec, you miserable shithead!

  24. Loco, yup Baldwin’s an asshole. Unfortunately for him he doesn’t even have a redeeming talent that would make his assholyness be superior, or outstanding to distinguish it from any other run of the mill assholyness.

  25. Brad, in my defense I grew up in England and moved to Canada when I was 21. So guns are not in my wheelhouse. In my defense however, I was persuaded at the tender age of 17 to accompany a very dashing gentleman in a racing green MG to go on an early morning hunt. Off we motored at 5am to a freezing, foggy field. He patiently taught me how to aim and shoot and I actually managed to fire a round. But holy moly that gun was heavy and very hard to shoot. And loud, lordy it was loud.

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  27. Alec, do you doubt the efficacy of a prop firearm round?

    Then load a prop firearm with a prop round, hold it to your temple, and pull the trigger.

    The sooner the better.

  28. 1984, actor Jon-Erik Hexum jokingly held a prop gun to his head on the set and when the “blank” went off, the wadding penetrated his skull causing life ending brain damage. A week later he was taken off of life support and his organs donated.

  29. I was a stage manager for a community theatre production back in the day that required a prop gun. It was in custody and control of the firearm and its status and believe me, I took my job seriously, making sure no one that wasn’t required handled it and reviewed its load out with the actor just prior to curtain call. They were instructed to aim behind the person in a safe direction as the audience wouldn’t know it wasn’t ‘on target’ when fired stage left to stage right.

    Sounds like negligence to me.

  30. OSAH needs to update prop-gun requirements. I own 4, one fires up through a hole, a short way down the partially drilled barrel. I find it hard to believe that a crimped copper blank could kill someone unless the gun blew apart. But then air bags do.

  31. How do you “accidentally” shoot and kill the cinematographer and then “accidentally” shoot and seriously injure the director? Sounds like stage rage to me.

  32. And to think, Baldwin called DeSantis the new Jim Jones back in September. Karma’s a b*tch, ain’t it Alec?

  33. I feel sorry for the innocent victims in this preventable situation but as my shop teacher always said, “Accidents don’t happen, they’re caused.”.
    My guess is Baldwin was screwin around. Why else would a firearm, even a prop one, be pointed in direction of the director of photography who was not an actor in the scene?
    Again, my sympathies to the victims and their families but F*&k Alec Baldwin.

  34. They will pay him even more money for his next movie even though he can’t act worth a shit. But in the eyes of the Hollywood elite he’s even more famous now.

  35. Was it a cartridge gun or a black powder? I know for a fact that a black powder will need a fiber wad to hold the powder charge in, no brass cartridge to crimp. Still wouldn’t want to get hit by an fiber wad at 800 fps.
    Sounds like Baldwin fucked up, but then most gun control freaks know nothing about the weapons they want to ban besides they’re black, scary, and make a loud noise.

  36. Real gun lets put real bullets in it. What could happen? Who’s in charge of props on the set? Senceless accident.

  37. Shitstain media is comparing this to the “John Hexum tragedy” which is bullshit – Hexum shot himself in the head with what he assumed was a harmless blank round. (.44 mag.). Not too smart, even for an actor.
    If you’re going to break rule 1, kindly don’t involve others.

  38. Accident’s are more likely to happen to people who are against guns and handle them without proper training not understanding the basics of gun safety.


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