Alec Baldwin Handed Gun With ‘Live Rounds,’ Crew Walked Out Hours Prior Over Safety Issues

Red State: Things are not sounding good as more information comes out about the incident in which Alec Baldwin shot a cinematographer and the director on a movie set Thursday.

Now there are reports that there had been a lot of problems before the shooting – that the crew was upset about long hours, low pay, and having to commute 50 miles from Albuquerque instead of staying in Santa Fe. According to the Los Angeles Times, the camera crew walked off the production just hours before the shooting:

As the camera crew — members of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees — spent about an hour assembling their gear at the Bonanza Creek Ranch, several nonunion crew members showed up to replace them, the knowledgeable person said…

“Corners were being cut — and they brought in nonunion people so they could continue to shooting,” the knowledgeable person said.

There were two misfires on the prop gun and one the previous week, the person said, adding “there was a serious lack of safety meetings on this set.”…

The shooting occurred about six hours after the union camera crew left.

On top of those issues, according to the LA Times, the woman who was killed, cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, was “advocating for safer conditions for her team.” So what was she seeing and with what did she have a problem? Did any of those problems contribute to her being killed? more

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  1. His dumbass was also a producer, not just an actor, so also responsible for untrained low wage people.

  2. “Alec Baldwin Handed Gun With ‘Live Rounds,’ ”

    If someone hands me a gun it’s my responsibility to make sure it’s a safe gun. If it wasn’t a safe gun and some one was injured or killed, I’m the one going to jail. Is it different for this ignorant bitch? Shouldn’t be.

  3. I am taking perverse joy in the fact that Baldwin was shitting all over the same union people he pretends to stand behind so he could save money on his film. I’m sorry an innocent person was killed and another was injured, but this whole thing is deliciously hypocritical and the fact that Baldwin was involved is priceless.

  4. Never been handed a gun in my life that wasn’t verified unloaded by removing the mag and racking the slide while visually inspecting the chamber or unlocking the cylinder on a wheel gun to insure no rounds are present unless intending to fire the weapon. And I’ll never raise and point a fire arm at anyone or thing unless intent on a target and know where my shot will go in case of missing or over penetration. Never been afraid of a gun but have been afraid of some people I’ve seen with guns.

  5. C’mon people. Alec Baldwin is a Hollywood leftist, so it is not his fault. It just means that we need more gun control legislation.

  6. Well personally, I want to thank Alec Baldwin for doing me a YUGE personal favour. I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am to him at this moment in time.

    He has single handedly knocked the COVID crap off the top of the news rags feeds for TWO EFFING DAYS in a row. Woo hoo! Let’s Go Baldwin!!!

  7. Word is that asshole Baldwin was far far far more concerned with covid and masking on the set.

    In fact, there is a picture of him on a cell phone right after the shooting AND THE MOTHERFUCKER IS STILL HOLDING ON TO A GODDAMN MASK!!!!!!

    W O W !

  8. “I can’t believe they handed me a gun with a live round! I mean, all I did was aim it at Halyna when we were joking around and pull the trigger. I was far enough away it shouldn’t have done anything!” (Quotation marks are fictitious – just like his story / excuses are likely to be.)

  9. Will that sick show, SNL. make a skit about this? I am sorry for the innocent life’s that are lost at the hand of Baldwin. I pray there is justice. Remember when we had that in the United States of America?

  10. Do the math. Disgruntled union crew gets kicked to the curb by obnoxious hypocrite with known rage issues.

    The parting of ways must have been bitter and acrimonious with the arrogant dipshit.

    What better way to make your point about set safety than by setting the prick up with a loaded weapon knowing he was to stupid and entitled to check himself?

    They must have known what exact weapon would be used by the assclown, put a round in the chamber abd known Mr. Sunshine is a murderer.

    Motive, method, meet opportunity.

    Truth is stranger than fiction…

  11. “There were two misfires on the prop gun”

    I highly doubt non-gun people, that know very little about guns, when they say a gun misfired.

    Do you mean your finger was on the trigger when it shouldn’t have been?

    Or do you mean the gun went off by itself like it was possessed? You know – like “guns kill people”.

    Saying it misfired is often something said in an attempt to avoid responsibility for stupid handling of a gun.

    Would be nice to see this a-hole pay the appropriate price for this negligence – that’s what this falls under, negligence. Not an accidental firing.

    But I won’t be holding my breath on that point. At least he knows what it’s like to wrongfully kill someone now. He’s wanted to know what that’s like that for a few years. He can contemplate that the rest of his miserable life.

  12. The story keeps trying to put the responsibility and the person that handed him the gun.

    He still pointed the barrel in the direction of someone and pulled the trigger. Negligence, at the very least. Alec is the responsible person in this tragedy.

    Manslaughter? Murder means he had intention.

    $10 says he gets no more than Bruce did when he killed someone in a rear-end accident from negligence while driving.

    “Live”, in this story, is still referring to blanks, but I’m doubtful a blank’s wad would penetrate a human completely and harm the next person in line, too. I’d like more clarity on this corner of the facts.

  13. Look up the movie information on Rust in IMD.
    He also is the Producer (money guy) in charge of those problems.

  14. Premeditated murder.
    And – he’ll get away with it.
    He’s a VERY useful idiot and will be protected.

    izlamo delenda est …

  15. Trump’s Fault!

    Can’t wait to see him on Saturday night live soon.
    No doubt we need more government gun control.

  16. @RadioMattM OCTOBER 23, 2021 AT 12:37 AM
    I read last night there is already anti-gun people calling for the banning of guns in any and all Hollywood projects. Their proposal is the guns and explosions can be added with special effects in post production.
    Can you imagine what the next Fast and Furious film would cost in SPFX alone??

  17. Unfortunately I have seen right-wingers calling for federal regulations on guns on movie sets. This is stupid, and just more overreach. Plenty of safety rules already in place – they just need to be followed. More laws is the last thing we need.

  18. Prop gun

    Two Misfires

    This was allegedly a western. I’m thinking wheel guns, not Glocks & SIGs.

    If that is correct,

    That leaves only Double action more modern revolvers or Single Action pistols.
    Which makes the 2 (TWO) misfires completely IMPOSSIBLE.
    (No slide, no hammer stop issues)
    That leaves only HORSING around like a big shot and 2 very distinct trigger pulls with a 2 conscious hammer cocking events IF they “PROP” was a Single action.
    That is 4 distinct ACTIONS by Baldie!

    Now, IF they were wheelguns, Blanks can be VERY EASILY VERRIFIED with a quick Glance and the front of the cylinder in most cases.
    (many are just crimped that I have seen like a Ramset/Hilti nail gun.

    Also, IF there are people with loaded guns on set, whay would the prop gun be anywhere near the guns being used for protection/security?


  19. ^^^^ the details have been absolutely horrible about “misfires” the type of gun etc. ^^^

    I’m mostly guessing and probably way off.

    They seem to have been implying that “misfires” is guns that shoot by themselves like MSM wants everyone to believe.

  20. @Dadof4 OCTOBER 23, 2021 AT 6:01 AM
    I believe what they mean by misfire is the trigger was pulled but the round did not fire, or the round sputtered in some way. If that was the case, there may have been debris of some kind lift in the chamber or barrel that could have become a projectile when the gun was fired the next day.
    If this is the case, it’s even more negligence, as the props mater/armorer SHOULD have cleaned any weapons used at the end of the shooting day.
    That doesn’t clear Baldwin in any way, because ANYONE with knowledge and even the most basic of training in firearms should know to check clear any firearm you are handed before loading and making it ready to fire.

  21. We punish children for biting Pop Tarts into gun shapes, yet nobody flinches when we hand an idiot like Baldwin a loaded pistol?

  22. Frank Stallone (whoever he is) surmised that baldwin was fanning the hammer.
    The point is, “prop” gun or not, responsible adults (as well as children) do not point firearms at others for fun…. WTF! FJB!

  23. I’m wondering after all the dust settles will he be more or less popular? I’m having a hard time these days figuring these things out. Should be the end of his carrier and trouble with the law.

  24. Seems pretty simple: alec baldwin’s hand on the gun. alec balwin’s finger on the trigger, alec baldwin’s reflex on the finger. Fuck “extenuating circumstances”.
    People need to stop getting away with evil shit just because their face appears on a screen.

  25. Misfire = bullet came out of gun when trigger was pulled causing great bodily harm and death by an asshoe that will skate on charges because?

  26. If it can hold live ammo, IT IS NOT A PROP GUN.

    It is a lethal firearm, and in this case, in the hands of an incompetent fool.

    Arrest Baldwin now. He is a danger to women everywhere.

  27. “In lieu of any jail time, the great Mr. Baldwin has graciously agreed to allow his name to be used in conjunction with the dangers of firearms in the general pubic, and to make public service announcements regarding removing all guns from the general public as a critical public health concern. This Court gratefully accepts this offer and recognizes that Sir Baldwin must remain free at all times to be able to impart this vital message.

    Watching it will be made mandatory on all movie screens and other media.

    So ordered by this Court.”

  28. I think the very first question I would want answered is: Why was there live ammo on the set at all?


    “If it can hold live ammo, IT IS NOT A PROP GUN.”

    This is true. This is non-gun people calling things as they wish.

    “I believe what they mean by misfire is the trigger was pulled but the round did not fire, or the round sputtered in some way.”

    That would be two steps of negligence, then. Getting more complicated, but not implausible. But that would be an actual misfire scenario. I still don’t think these people know the difference, though.

    It still doesn’t relieve Alec of sweeping or pointing the muzzle at anyone. Then the pulling of the trigger adds more negligence (or intention) to the picture.

    Again, why was there live ammo within 100 yards of this operational gun being used as a prop?

  29. Misfire?

    Gun did not go off with Blanks so the armourer tried it with a real cartridge just to see if it was a primer/spacing/case issue and then forgot to switch back?

    They sure are trying to get their ducks in a row.

    The 911 CALL sounded like someone had q Quick LEGAL Discussion BEFORE they made the call and were very careful to not be incriminating.

    VERY VERY little real info.

  30. @ A Democrat Judge OCTOBER 23, 2021 AT 12:50 PM

    Weird how I don’t feel I’ve missed anything by skipping your post. Sorry.

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