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Alec Baldwin Threatens Twitter User: ‘I’ll Find You’


A Twitter user found himself in an argument with Alec Baldwin over a comment.
The tweets have since been deleted, but Mike Williams preserved his exchange with the actor with screenshots.

It began when leftist Alec Baldwin made a political comment on Twitter about Donald Trump: “Trump tried to choke a Secret Service agent. I mean… what more do you need?”

Williams then replied, “Better than shooting you[r] cinematographer.”

Mike is not wrong.

Alec Baldwin had none of it and responded, “When I am eventually not charged with any crime, I’ll come find you so you can apologize. I’ll find you Mike.” more

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  1. Two BS impeachments, countless BS charges filed by NY AG, thousands of lies and mischaracterizations by the NYT & other fake news media…
    why don’t you seek out President Trump so you can apologize, Alec

    Or, did you leave the country after he was elected, like you claimed you would, you lying jackass!

  2. As I understand it there is no Satute of Limitations on Man Slaughter wraps so give early and give often to that DA Alec and pray you die of natural causes before another DA takes the spot.

  3. Not being charged with any crime is not the same as shooting your cinematographer.

    A does not equal B. Not the same. The two are not interchangeable. Just….piss poor logic trying to pass itself off as a true statement.

    You were not charged with any crime BUT you did shoot your cinematographer.

    A does not equal B. Written as a logically correct sentence.

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  5. God this fucking cocksucker pisses me off!

    I actually like the movie “The Hunt for Red October”.

    If this COCKSUCKER keeps it up I might have to give it the same ENDING I gave my Canadian Flag when My Toronto ASSHOLES Re-Elected the Tyrant.
    (Piss on & burn)

    Otherwise, Alec Ball-lick has not been watchable for decades.

  6. No doubt the murdering killer black-hating Alec Baldwin will find the guy then shoot him with supposed blanks until he’s dead “by accident”–again.

  7. I told this story nearly 10 years ago on iotw, I think it’s time to tell it again. I try to avoid name-dropping, but this story is worth relating.

    Ed O’Neill, from Married With Children and Modern Family, was a coffee shop friend before I left CA, he sat in with our group pretty often when he isn’t traveling. He has a ton of great stories, and loves to tell them. About 4 weeks ago Alec Baldwin’s name came up. Ed mentioned a story he had heard that once Alec was in a local play, as a lot of actors like to occasionally do. It was a well-known play, like Our Town, or Shakespeare, everyone knew the story. He was reading lines with another actor, fairly well-known although Ed couldn’t remember who. Importantly he was of rather small stature. He and Alec were reading lines, practicing for the play, and the other actor decided to say his lines differently from the classic way. Alec told him not to do that, to just read the lines the way they were supposed to be read. The next day the other actor did the same thing, reading the lines in a different way. Alec didn’t say a thing, just picked the guy up over his head and pushed him through the ceiling tiles into the HVAC section above (I guess they were in an office). Alec held him up there, yelling, for a while, then put him down.

    That’s the setup, this is the story. Last fall Ed was at the Emmy’s along with the rest of the Modern Family cast. Alec won best actor in a sitcom – again – and went up to receive the award. Ed knew that the next award was for best sitcom, and that Modern Family was certain to win. Alec went up and started talking, and he went on and on about how 30 Rock had the best writers in the industry, bar none. No writers could compare to those for 30 Rock, etc., etc. Finally he finished and went into the back room to mingle with reporters and other winners. Then Modern Family wins best sitcom, the cast goes up and receives the award, then they go back stage.

    If you aren’t aware, Ed is a pretty big guy. He is also a blackbelt in Gracie Jujitsu, and rolls weekly with one of the Gracies. Ed saw Alec, walked over, and said ‘You know, you are right. 30 Rock does have the best writers in the industry. For what they do.’ Alec looks at him quizzically. ‘You know,’ Ed says, ‘for what they do. Skits, Saturday Night Live type stuff, that sort of thing.’ Ed says this with a big, friendly, dopey smile on his face, just begging to be punched. Alec is seething, but he knows he can’t do anything. And Ed is wishing that Alec would just take a swipe, because he is ready to mop the floor with him. But Alec doesn’t do anything. Ed concluded the story, saying ‘Alec is just a big f’ing bully.’ And I agreed.

  8. I’ve never seen a movie or a sitcom with Alex Baldwin in it. No TV. I asked DH if he wanted to go see the new Tom Cruise movie. He declined. He use to be a big movie goer – crowds bother him.

  9. Come find me right now, motherfucker.
    You won’t be mistaking what happens to you as an apology.

  10. There is no statute of limitations on murder. So, Baldwin will never be fully exonerated. He may not be charged with a crime, though, but only due to the US having a completely fucked up judicial system that simply doesn’t charge nor convict rich or influential democrats with any crime no matter how egregious.

  11. Please find me, Alec; “…you won’t believe what happens next, even while it’s happening.”

  12. Last and final time I got the boot from Twitter was due to Ron Perlman telling me he could track me down. I use to love screwing with that moron. Anyway I replied that he’d been watching to many of his own movies. Reminded him he was a pussy and told him I bet I could find him before he found me.
    Poof, gone. It’s ok for them to threaten you, but it against community standards if you threaten them back. Fuck Twitter

  13. “Hell, boy, you’re not really a badass biker, you just played one on a TV show.”

  14. How has this pinheaded fucktard gotten away with his shit all these years without someone kicking his face in?? All I can say is, BRING IT, BITCH!!!

  15. He has a history of violence against the paparazzi; shoots people & tries to blame it on others, then threatens people on Twitter.
    I do believe in TX that’ll get you no-billed for shooting the worthless sonofabitch.

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