Alec the Bloated Bully claims he never pulled the trigger – it just “went off”

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  1. See what guns can do. Cal just re-instated high capacity magazines ban. That was just the start, more gun regulations are needed.

  2. he’s just doing what everyone else does with their dirty laundry- take it to stefanopolous. No harsh detergents used!

  3. So I just went to the other room and copped a feel from every firearm in my safe… not a single one discharged.
    But if I grab a tube o’ biscuits, it’ll blow every time.

  4. Is Georgie-Porgie gonna ask Halyna Hutchins if this was the worst thing that ever happened to her?
    Oh yeah, Alec Baldwin shot and killed her.
    Is Georgie-Porgie gonna ask Ms. Hutchins husband and son if this was the worst thing that ever happened to them?
    BTW, Alec Baldwin is the worst actor.

  5. Every damn SOB in a murder trial says “I don’t know what happened,it just went off!”, while it was conveniently pointed at the intended victim. So Alec, did YOU thumb back the hammer on that Single-action, or did the gun just cock itself too ??

  6. I see Alec is going with the Jussie Smollett defense strategy; continue to lie your ass off in the face of all the evidence.

  7. Chuckie

    Even if so, Single action revolvers were traditionally left with one cylinder empty when they were common carried to prevent a hammer strike from an impact.

    I was told this many years ago during training just in case we every wanted to shoot/own a real antique Colt SAA.

  8. Kcir – I totally agree. I once had a older single action with pin on hammer and always loaded five in the cylinder, as told to me by older gun guys who knew what the hell they were talking about.

    Believe me, I’m not taking up for the asshole, and fully believe he’s pussying out, but the way no one on the filming crew seemed to know what was going on I wouldn’t be surprised if it had six in the cylinder.

  9. Hey Alec! You ass hole!
    That argument only confirms your arrogance and ineptitude. The first two rules of firearm possession are:
    1. Treat all guns as if they are always loaded.
    2. Never let the muzzle point at anything that you are not willing to destroy.
    You did neither.
    Your negligence killed a person.
    This is manslaughter at the very least!

  10. I’d bet this ignoranus 5 million bux that if that same gun wuz loaded and set down on a table and left alone it would gather an ijch off dust on it without ever going of!

  11. Chuckie

    I thought i read somewhere that it was fully loaded, but i really lost a lot of interest in guessing.
    His Production, his armourer, his character, his hands, his fault.

    Cheers, have a great evening.

  12. I made a comment on Quora that went something like this:

    Rule #1: Do not point a gun at something unless you are willing to shoot it.

    Rule #2: Do not put your finger on the trigger unless you are ready to pull it. The gun fired spontaneously? See rule #1.

  13. Baldwin says that about his mouth too: it just went off.

    Well, just because his brain is not engaged doesn’t make it “just went off”.

  14. Alec should claim self defense “just like” Rittenhouse.

    I suspect it’s actually Trump’s fault, causing Alec such trauma and anguish even out of office that he just snapped and allowed the gun to aim and fire itself.

    The gun maker is also to blame,having made a weapon capable of being discharged while pointed at a persoon

    Alec will walk

  15. Anymouse

    Yes sir. a quality trigger is one that you never remember pulling, touching off. Alec Baldwin has no spine. The trade mark of a Libtard. If you don’t know shit about guns, don’t pick one up.

  16. Most firearms throughout history have been made to fire spontaneously. Everyone knows this. Hell, I can’t keep my Browning Automatic Rifle in the same safe as its ammunition, it’s an auto loader and you know how that works out when you aren’t looking.

  17. Got four clones (lightnings) for SASS that all have the triggers set about 2 1/8 pounds, but you still have to cock the hammer even if you’re slip hammering.

  18. ^^^^

    I have several SAA’s. Including two collector edition Colts. Trigger pull? About two pounds. Like they should be. All my 1911s are three or under.
    Bottom line is true shooters like quality trigger. It;s more of a instantaneous brain function thing. And something someone who HATES FUCKING GUNS WOULD NEVER UNDERSTAND. Alec Baldwin, and he alone, were responsible for inspecting the condition of that weapon when it was handed to him. Claiming stupidity is not a defense. At this point in time I really believe this isn’t Alec Baldwin trying to avoid prosecution. It’s Alec Baldwin in denial of the fact that he killed someone with the tool he hates the most. Unless of course he make a ton of money with it.

  19. High school boy to the father of his pregnant girlfriend: “I don’t know what happened, it just went off on it’s own”.

  20. Every time I shot something I pulled the trigger. Even doing trigger and sear work I bounced them off the floor with purpose and furious anger.

    I fucked up two of them and they “fired” being mashed on a concrete floor. I took them apart and did the process over again. So as not to fuck up. Again.

  21. I could get a week’s worth of groceries in those eye-bags.
    Well, maybe just five days…now with inflation.

    I’ve seen smaller sacks after a boob reduction.

    I’m here all week. Try the veal. Be sure to tip your server.

  22. Word on the street is Baldwin accidentally grabbed the ‘toon gun from the set of Disney’s ROGER RABBIT and the live bullet was one of those six rogue Cowboy & Indian characters.

  23. Too bad it wasn’t on a Warner set with Bugs Bunny… Baldwin could have claimed the gun had a hare trigger.

    Remember to tip your server.

  24. Without checking to see if the gun was loaded or unloaded, you cocked the hammer, pointed the revolver at a person, and pulled the trigger. No matter how stupid you are, this is a textbook definition of negligence. The result was a homicide. How I wish to be on that jury.

  25. The bags under his eyes are caused by lack of sleep, worrying about how this all affects himself; any thought of the person he killed is as dead as they are.

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