Alexandria and Bernie’s Favorite Kansas Politician Got Arrested Again

DC: Democrat attorney James Thompson, whom Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders helped with campaigning, was arrested again Jan. 27 for driving on a suspended license.

Thompson’s license was suspended in January after failing to pay for a previous speeding ticket, The Wichita Eagle reported Monday. But the Wichita attorney said he was not aware of the suspension status. Thompson was returning from a hunting trip when police pulled him over for speeding and arrested for driving on the suspended license.


“My friends had gone to the Dollar General store and got Wyatt Earp mustaches and took a picture of me like I was in a wanted poster,” Thompson said, according to The Eagle.

“James posted bond and was released,” stated Greenwood County Sheriff’s Department press release, obtained by the The Daily Caller News Foundation through Sheriff Heath Samuels.

Samuels told TheDCNF the bond was $2,500 cash and was “bonded out shortly after being booked in.”

This is not the first time Thompson has been arrested, however. He got in a bar fight in 2001 and was convicted of battery, The Topeka Capital-Journal reported.  READ MORE

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  1. moe tom –

    To calm my nerves, I stopped watching ‘news’ on television.

    I get what I need from and

  2. @Moe I can listn to Hannity on one day and get his message for a whole month. Understand that. The guy repeats himself so much it’s unbearable if you listen to it constantly.
    And he doesn’t let his guests talk instead he repeats over them what he already said two minutes earlier.

  3. Yes there are Anonymous, but they are all dead and still manage to vote. But at least they are dead.

    Maybe Sean has been taking notes from Neal I Never Let A Guest Finish A Sentence Cavuto. I turn the channel when that Anti-Trumper comes on.

  4. From the article, “…..he has spent his career fighting for civil rights, for workers’ rights and equal rights for all Americans, ………….. ”

    In my experience, when someone talks about “equal rights for all Americans” they usually mean special rights given to some of them by suppressing the rights of everyone else.

    It also usually means they are Democrats and their associated Leftists.


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