Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reveals she is engaged – IOTW Report

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reveals she is engaged

MSN: Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has revealed she is engaged to her longtime partner, Riley Roberts. The Democratic congresswoman from New York has been spotted with an engagement ring on her finger and tweeted today that the reports are true. more

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  1. Darn it, and I really wanted to have sex with her too. I could tell that she felt the same about me too. It’s a shame that she had to go to such extreme lengths to hide her feelings for me.

  2. There’s probably any number of guys willing to hit that once and then make a clean get-away afterwards. That anyone would choose to remain with her afterwards is beyond me.

  3. Someone once said on this site that “peeling apart her labia lips would be like peeling open a grilled cheese sandwich” and I can’t eat grilled cheese to this day due to that.

  4. Engaged but certainly not engaging. She’s not the dumbest person in the World but she better hope and pray the the one who is doesn’t die.

  5. An argumentative, whiny extreme liberal always blaming everyone else, thinking she knows everything.
    Should be absolute bliss in a marriage.
    What a catch.

  6. They grow up so fast, I would have loved to have smelled her hair 20 years ago, OK maybe still just once.

  7. So, who’s going to give her appliance lessons? And do you hide the tools or give her lessons on those, also? And then, what should you lock up? The Tide Pods? Matches and propane lighters?

    She strikes me as someone who could burn the house down.

  8. I can hope that she gets voted out of Congress soon; can you imagine being married to this stupid harridan AFTER she leaves office, with a bartending career ahead of her??

  9. My first reaction was “poor guy,” but then I realized that anyone who doesn’t run away from her screaming probably deserves his fate.

  10. How very conservative of her. Actually marrying someone that identifies as a man when there are so many trans people to choose from.

  11. Within a week after the wedding he’ll (I’m assuming it’s a “him”) will receive a government contract worth millions for “consulting” or some other service the nation can’t do without.

  12. On another note, can you imagine spending the rest of your life living with that?

    Best keep him away from firearms and sharp objects.

  13. AOC’s fiancé sets off all kinds of gaydar alarms. That’s why she keeps projecting – imagining conservative leaning, straight men are hitting on her. She probably ain’t getting none from or satisfied with that limp-wristed soyboy. Bet he paints his nails, too.

  14. Will she be inviting her Desolate Grandmother from Puerto Rico with the leaky roof to the wedding?

  15. As a wedding gift, I’ll send her a lifetime supply of Q-tips so she can clean out her gargantuan nostrils every night.

    With those nostrils, her husband could use here as a vaccuum cleaner…”Keep breathing into your nose, Alex…you’re a lot better than a Hoover”.

    When she sucks in, she produces a 10 inch Loogie. When she launches it, it’s a dangerous missile.

  16. I’m buying the couple drinks on me…as long as the bitch makes them and waitresses to my mansplaining conservative ass…

    Make em strong honey and you will get a good tip.
    Hell, I’ll dance at your Magic Loco pre-wedding hen party.
    Just don’t invite that muslim bitch, she ain’t right around unrelated men…

  17. Prufrock-
    At least it wasn’t an Arby’s Beef & Cheddar; I’d hate to miss out on those!

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