Ali Velshi becomes a living meme

Patriot Retort:

Last night on MSNBC, on-air personality Ali Velshi transformed from “on the scene reporter” to living meme before our very eyes.

Well, not my very eyes as I don’t have cable and don’t waste my time watching MSNBC.

Any old how. Take a look at Ali Velshi reporting on the peaceful protest in Minneapolis.

Did Velshi intentionally channel that meme of Leslie Nielsen in front of a burning building? more

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  1. He didn’t need a mask because heat kills the virus, plus he had a pocket full of hotdogs and s’mores….Well, maybe the s’mores were in the back of his pants…..

  2. Well, what do you know? An actual living, breathing, ambulatory example of an oxymoron (<—and a pun, too.)

  3. Which channel will have the best coverage and vantage points of liberal cities burning to the ground this weekend?

    I’m so excited to watch!

  4. A peaceful social gathering where citizens were maintaining social distancing and roasting marshmallows.

  5. the old Jedi mind trick
    they do it all the time.
    Some people believe them.

    There was a horrific fire at an Irish pub in the big city. The firefighters fought for hours to gain entrance to the burning building. Once inside, one of the firemen cautiously advanced through the smoke and flames, only to see two men standing at the end of the bar, casually drinking beers. He asked them- “how did this fire start?” They looked at each other for a second, then answered- “we’re not sure- it was like this when we came in.”

  6. Just like Joe Biden caught on tape extorting Ukraine, and the democrats ignore it, and impeach Trump for even asking about it.

  7. Because the firemen would not perform their duties those civic minded Africans ran into those burning buildings and saved all those big screen TV’s, air cookers, and other sundry expensive items at great risk to themselves! And this was done even though they had to sacrifice night school classes and choir practice! Attaboy’s all around! Law suits, extortion and blackmail to start in 3, 2, 1!

  8. Make excuses for rioters in Minneapolis and your rival, CNN, gets vandalized in Atlanta the next day. Well played, Ali. Well played.

  9. It’s Comical Ali, absent from the airways since 1991.

    I’m surprised he didn’t say: “The Bastard Trump”.

  10. Protests were held tonight in Brooklyn, Milwaukee, Houston, Fort Wayne, Washington DC, Atlanta, Kansas City, Denver, Las Vegas, San Jose, Detroit, Boston, & Chicago

    the leftists are on the move
    wonder who’s footing their bill


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